From Tuesday officially starts 45-day elections campaign to sectional elections on February 23 and 27,895 candidates will participate to occupy 5,651 dignitaries of various levels of government (municipalities, prefectures, parish councils).

Casa Blanca

In this project are analysts of public databases, computer engineers, partners U.S. and Ecuador, defense experts, civil - military relations and U.S. assistance to Latin America Security, among others.


President Rafael Correa declared a five-day holiday for the New Year holiday, which started on Saturday, December 28 until January 1st.


Former French Presidential candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in an interview to Andes Agency, gave a panoramic view about the Left in Europe. The French politician identifies that the progressive field in the old continent is dominated by socialist and social-democrat parties, a fact he labeled as social-liberalism.

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Ecuador and European Union retake negotiations for a trade agreement at four tables with chief negotiators will address issues that differentiate of the possible agreement reached by Peru and Colombia with European block.

La nueva terminal se inaugurará este mes de enero en Salinas, uno de los principales destinos turísticos de Ecuador. El Gobierno ha implementado mejoras en otras quince terminales aéreas de provincias de Ecuador a un costo de 300 millones de dólares.

The challenge involves immediate suspension of the international dispute until the transnational company appoints a new arbitrator and the Tribunal is fully comprised again, in order to discuss the quantification phase and the counterclaim that Ecuador filed for environmental damages against Burlington in September, 2011..

inversión pública

The preliminary overview of 2013 by theEconomic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) reveals that Ecuador increased its economic activity this year by 3.5%; an increase led by construction (7.1%), transportation and communications (9.9%).

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Quito, January 21 (Andes).- Patricio Barriga, president of Consejo de regulación y desarrollo de la información y comunicación of

Numbers presented by Ecuadorian police about drug seizures in Ecuador show there was 241 tons of drug seizure in the last four years, overcoming 81 tons caught during Forward Operating Location (FOL) operations in South American country.

Viviana Bonilla, inscripción de candidaturas

Prior to start 43-day election campaign for local elections in Ecuador, Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa urged Young people to analyze candidates’ proposals and think their vote.

Correa, campaña electoral

Tentative schedule of Rafael Correa’s campaign during two-days license will begins in Loja, Zamora and Cuenca, Ecuadorian south.

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Durante la reunión de esta tarde, se indicó que esperan eliminar las mallas de los estadios. Foto: Víctor Asencio/Andes

As an important step to end violence in stadiums defined the meeting between José Francisco Cevallos, Sports Minister; José Serrano, Minister of Interior and Rolando Panchana, governor of Guayas, on Tuesday with leaders of hooligans Barcelona and Emelec.

The Ecuadorian National Soccer Team which will take part in the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup accumulated 852 points in 2013, which allowed it to have the 10th slot during the first semester of the year, towards FIFA’s classification.


This Tuesday, the director of the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS), Craig Bycroft, reported that Quito will be the headquarters of the event that will travel 700 kilometers of Ecuadorian soil with 70 teams from 30 countries. This event report nearly USD $3 million for Ecuador.

Antonio Valencia

In his official Twitter account, the Ecuadorian soccer icon that plays for Manchester United in England stated that he gives his “total support” to the Ecuadorian Soccer Union to not participate in the 2014 championships if debts are still owed to the players.

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“We are very excited to visit Ecuador and Paraguay for the first time in over 32 years as a band,” states the communications manager of the thrash metal band that started in 1981.

Documentary films play an important role in Ecuadorian society. They have aroused public interest in the treatment of the event which they portray, and they raise awareness and trigger relevant action where events have been forgotten.

ciudad de Quito

Ecuador’s capital is within the list of 28 finalist cities to be recognized as ‘7 wonder cities of the world’, a contest that started earlier this year with 303 nominated cities.

Cine Ecuador

The growing film production in the country opens up a space to analyze this phenomenon that benefits national directors and producers, but that also brings up for debate the existence of Ecuadorian film with its own identifiable codes.

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In regards to the physical integration of the region, the leaders agreed to grant privileges to 31 emblematic projects, in order to improve the connection of South American spaces, more specifically, in border and rural zones. $17 billion will be invested over a maximum period of 10 years.

FARC expressed its desire to “raise an urgent humanitarian request in regard to the repatriation of left over combatants of FARC-EP defeated Sucumbíos, a zone on the Ecuadorian border.”

Quito, October 24, Andes-Ecuador describes its economy as “medium high” in the capacity of its underpinned macroeconomic developm

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa warned on the strategies national and international media might use during the 2013 electoral process that in Ecuador.

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Áreas Protegidas

In 2014, Ecuador will have the first system monitoring and control of afforestation and deforestation, which cover all protected areas and include control of oil exploration in block 43 in Yasuni National Park, said Lorena Tapia, Environment Minister in press conference.

Ecuador shows an increase in quality education through projects that support improved educational opportunities, infrastructure and teacher training, as part of the fulfillment of seven indicators of Decennial Education Plan (PDE), 2006 – 2015, informed Ministry of Education.

Economic and social inclusion is a powerful tool that allowed Ecuador has a poverty reduction of 3.1% in 2013 compared to 2011, and an economic growth of 7.4%, according information from CEPAL.

Mendicidad y trabajo infantil

So far in 2013, Ecuador recorded 3,000 cases of mendicity, which shows a clear reduction regarding this issue because in 2007 there were nearly 100,000 cases of children on the streets.

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Falta de obras del Municipio en el Guasmo de Guayaquil.

The Municipality’s investment in urban regeneration in middle-class areas is high, it is USD $52 per resident, while in others the amount is USD $9.

The community with disperse settlements – in its central part is comprised of 10 blocks East to West, and there are 14 more blocks North to South surrounded by adobe houses that bring tourists back in time and introduce them into a long ago – 500 year history of when these houses were being built.

Isla Santay

The noise of cars, intense commercial movement, impressive buildings from Guayaquil’s boulevard are left behind. In the island the prevailing sounds are those of the various birds who live there.

On May 15, 2012 the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States entered into effect. A wave of disagreements has been growing from that date on until the farmer’s strike started on August 19th.

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The project ‘Mi Lindo Ecuador’ (‘My Beautiful Ecuador’) – a phrase from a melody by Alex Alvear, an Ecuadorian jazz player residing in the U.S. - suggests immigrants to carry out efforts through the social media and depending on their level of success accumulate miles and tours in Ecuador.

The series of international acknowledgements to Ecuadorian touristic destinations and attractions are grounds for optimism for Minister of Tourism, Vinicio Alvarado, in his attempt to turn the country into a touristic power.


Galapagos are one of Ecuador’s introductions to the World; they are located 972 kilometers from Ecuadorian mainland. They are comprised of 13 large islands, 6 medium islands and 215 islets.

The Government is convinced that the tourism segment is key in order to change the country’s productive matrix, said the Minister of Tourism, Vinicio Alvarado. He reiterated that the Ministry of Tourism’s goal is wide and ambitious: turn every touristic site into a destination of excellence.

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Photo: Luis Padilla/Andes Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Micaela Ayala V./Andes. Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Luis Astudillo C. / Andes Photo: Micaela Ayala V. / Andes Photo: Luis Astudillo C. / Andes Photo: Eduardo Flores/Andes Photo: Micaela Ayala V./Andes Photo: Luis Astudillo C. / Andes Photo: Luis Astudillo C. / Andes Photo: Douglas Armijos/Andes Photo: Luis Astudillo C. / Andes Photo: Micaela Ayala V./Andes. Photo: Micaela Ayala V./Andes. Photo: Eduardo Flores /Andes Photo: Micaela Ayala V./Andes.