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During his first talk with national media, Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno announced the creation of a Front to Fight Corruption which is composed of members of the civil society and government.

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More than 60 billion dollars have been invested in Ecuador in the last decade in the areas of health, education, social well-being and housing, according to official data.

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Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno met Sunday with vice president Jorge Glas and part of his cabinet to analyze the roadmap to be implemented by the government in the first 100 days of administration, informed the Communication Secretariat.

3 days 22 hours

President Lenin Moreno received Thursday the ancestral baton during a ceremony that took place at the ancestral pyramids of Cochasqui, located in canton Pedro Moncayo, in the northern area of the province of Pichincha.

4 days 4 hours

Before hundreds of Ecuadorians, President Lenin Moreno presented his cabinet who will work with him during the four-year term he has offered to continue with the process of the Citizen Revolution.

4 days 22 hours

One of President Lenin Moreno’s main focus will be participative democracy as inclusion policy for decision-making.

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3 hours 14 min

Hilda Iles Cachago is 41 years old, she has five children and lives in a rural town in the province of Pichincha. She received the bono de desarrollo humano (cash transfers) for more than 10 years and now received a loan.

1 week 3 days

Ecuador’s president-elect Lenin Moreno met Thursday with representatives from the Association of Private Banks (ABPE for its acronym in Spanish) to discuss aspects of the economy and policies for the banking sector before taking office on May 24.

2 weeks 4 days
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Ecuador’s non-oil exports amounted to 11.3 billion dollars in 2016 with an average annual rate of 3.4%, informed minister of Foreign Trade Juan Carlos Cassinelli who highlighted the agreement with the European Union as the government’s greatest achievement.

3 weeks 4 hours
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Vice president Jorge Glas highlighted the benefits for Ecuadorian exports followed by the multiparty agreement with the European Union which came into force last January and allows both parties to export their products with tariff preferences.

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35 min 47 sec

During his first talk with national media, Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno announced the creation of a Front to Fight Corruption which is composed of members of the civil society and government.

5 days 1 hour

Lenín Moreno Garcés sworn in as president of Ecuadorians in a ceremony during which his predecessor Rafael Correa Delgado handed him over the presidential sash after ten years of leading the government of the Citizens’ Revolution.

6 days 3 hours
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Hilda Ocaña sadly recalls how painful the 90s were. Her family’s savings had been seized after the banking crisis of 1998 and two of her brothers had been left unemployed as a result of the crisis.

1 week 4 hours

President Rafael Correa’s weekly addresses, which began in January 20 2007, came to an end on Saturday May 20 in the city of Guayaquil.

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1 week 4 days

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa was conferred yesterday a Doctor Honoris Causa by the National University of Quilmes, few miles away from the city of Buenos Aires.

3 weeks 3 days

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa was awarded “Illustrious Citizen” of Santiago de Cuba on Thursday.

3 weeks 5 days

23 countries of the world recognized Ecuador’s work for the defense of its citizens’ Human Rights which resulted in improvements in the population’s well-being or good living, which is a life philosophy in this South American nation.

1 month 1 day

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales welcomed Lenin Moreno’s election victory as successor of president Rafael Correa and affirmed that in other South American countries, where the right-wing won the presidency, social organizations will re-emerge to definitely liberate the continent.

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2 months 3 weeks

President Rafael Correa visited different counties in the province of Guayas such as Duran, Naranjito and Milagro where works are being built.

9 months 23 hours

Ecuadorian minister of Sports Xavier Enderica described the participation of each one of the athletes who travel to Rio Olympics as successful and announced that the Andean country is already getting prepared for Tokio 2020.

9 months 1 week
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Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa congratulated Saturday the team of 38 athletes who represented the country in Rio Olympic Games and added that the high performance plan applied in Ecuador begins to show results.

9 months 1 week

Ecuadorian athletes competing in Rio Olympic Games have won four Olympic diplomas and two have ranked nine so far in their first Olympic cycle.

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5 months 3 weeks

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa highlighted Saturday the success of the first edition of Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival (FIAVL) from November 17 to 27 to which more than 27.000 attended without taking into account people who watched performances on streets, parks and squares.

9 months 4 weeks

The 207th anniversary of the first Cry for Independence is celebrated on August 10 and the Presidency will participate in the celebration of this historic date with the “Eugenio Espejo” national awards ceremony, dramatized tours, lightning up of the Carondelet government palace, mapping, fireworks and an artisan citizen fair.

10 months 3 weeks

Three main ideas are part of the Bill on Culture being analyzed at the National Assembly: creative freedom, above all else; freedom of choice, above all principles; and freedom of access to cultural goods and services.

1 year 2 months

Ana Rodriguez, minister of Culture (in charge), said it is “important” to implement a Culture Law currently debated at the National Assembly which has been an unpaid debt in the country.

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1 week 2 days

The friendly relation and cooperation between China and Ecuador will remain during the administration of Lenin Moreno, said Director General of the Latin American and Caribbean Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhu Qingqiao.

1 week 3 days

Suecia archivó este viernes la causa por violación contra el fundador de WikiLeaks Julian Assange, refugiado desde 2012 en la embajada de Ecuador en Londres para escapar a una extradición. Esta decisión pone fin a una larga batalla judicial del ex hacker australiano de 45 años, que no tardó en publicar en Twitter una fotografía suya sonriendo.

4 months 1 week
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Promoting funding for developing countries and raising awareness on the damage tax havens make are two specific goals Ecuador will work on after assuming the pro tempore presidency of G77+China in a ceremony held at the UN.

4 months 2 weeks

President Rafael Correa flew Thursday to New York where he will attend the ceremony in which Ecuador will assume the pro tempore presidency of the G77+China and will meet the community of Ecuadorians living in that country.

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President Lenin Moreno received Thursday the ancestral baton during a ceremony that took place at the ancestral pyramids of Cochasqui, located in canton Pedro Moncayo, in the northern area of the province of Pichincha.

The National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt) invested 207 million dollars in 2016, according to information provided by Secretary of State Rene Ramirez during the institution’s accountability.

The result of the study “the cost of the double burden of malnutrition - social and economic impact: Ecuador’s case” conducted by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the World Food Program (WFP) which evaluates the economic and human impact of malnutrition in the country will be presented Wednesday at the National Assembly.

Ecuador’s amphibian fauna is the world’s third most diverse with nearly 579 species from which 241 are endemic. Such natural wealth turns the country into the most diverse in terms of amphibians, therefore its investigation and conservation is a priority.

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The government’s program to restore the sector prioritized urban and rural areas neglected during decades by former governments that did not built one public hospital in the last 40 years in cities like Quito and Guayaquil, the most crowded in the country.

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In the last decade, this port city has experienced a significant social and infrastructure development with a social inclusion approach after works done by the government of the Citizen Revolution, led by President Rafael Correa, which has invested 5,840 billion dollars since 2008.

Gazing at the vicuñas run freely in the field, looking how chuquiragua plants bloom in the white snow, bumping into an Andean fox or admiring the beauty of the Andean landscape painted with all rainbow colors… this is how walks to the Fauna Production Reserve in Chimborazo are like, a special place to connect with nature.

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The construction of a deep-water port is important news for Ecuador because it involves the country’s port development since this is a work with a 1,250 billion-dollar investment from Arab Emirates' DP World, a company recognized worldwide.

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The “Cueva de los Tayos Expedition” Documentary was premiered Thursday in order to promote this place filled with myths and stories which is located in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago.

For fourth year in a row, Tren Crucero has been nominated to the World Travel Awards (WTA) in the category “South America’s Leading Luxury Train.”

Galapagos’ Tortuga Bay is considered one of the world’s 25 best beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor.

Quito, 23 feb (Andes).- En la provincia de Manabí todo está listo para recibir a los turistas tanto nacionales como extranjeros,

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