Ecuador’s public debt is $27bn, says minister of Finance

Ecuador’s public debt is nearly 27 billion dollars and does not exceed the debt ceiling established by law, said minister of Finance Carlos de la Torre and added that the amount is regulated in accordance to the Constitution.

“I will not resign and I will not leave the country,” says Ecuador’s vice president Jorge Glas

Ecuadorian vice president Jorge Glas ratified Tuesday that he will not leave the country or accept international invitations in order to face the corruption investigation process he denounced after the Panama Papers leak.

Vice president asks governing party to allow Prosecutor’s request to present corruption case against him

Vice president Jorge Glas reacted to the Prosecutor’s request to present corruption case against him as part of investigations for illegal association and affirmed that the new stage of the process will be an opportunity to prove his innocence; therefore he asked assembly members of the governing party to allow such request.

President Lenín Moreno says he will not let Ecuador’s maritime sovereignty be violated

President Lenin Moreno affirmed Monday that he will not let the national maritime sovereignty be violated when referring to a large Chinese fishing ship caught in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Galapagos (ZEE for its acronym in Spanish) for which his government made a formal complaint to the Asian nation.

Ecuador's Ministry of Labor analyzes international regulation for the construction of new Labor Code

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Authorities and representatives of the labor sector participated Monday in a talk during which they analyzed the international regulation on this matter on the sidelines of the creation of the Organic Labor Code.

Ecuador’s government inaugurates emblematic program for agricultural development

President Lenin Moreno presented Saturday one of his government’s emblematic programs, the national minga, in which 2.5 billion were invested to strengthen agricultural development in Ecuador for the four following years.

Financial organizations of the popular and solidarity economy commit to strengthen its dynamics of credit

The popular and solidarity economy sector ratified Thursday its commitment to strengthen the dynamics of credit and contribute to job creation.

China organizes its first exclusive fair to promote Latin American companies

China International Chamber of Commerce and the government of Zhuhai will inaugurate next November its first international fair for Latin American and Caribbean companies, says vice Mayor of the province Zhu Qingqiao.

Ecuador signs agreement with Amadeus to achieve intelligent tourism promotion

Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism and the global company Amadeus signed Wednesday an institutional agreement on intelligent tourism promotion in the country for new markets and to make the country brand more attractive for consumers.

Ecuador’s government, drivers and civil society reach agreement on road security

Ecuador’s government, the transportation sector and civil society reached Wednesday a national agreement on road security which aims at reducing accident rate and death toll in the country.

Ecuador’s foreign minister announces signing of bilateral agreements and cooperation projects with Argentina

Ecuador’s minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced Tuesday the signing of three bilateral agreements with Argentina as well as other cooperation projects on the sidelines of her official visit to such country.

Ecuador to strengthen teachers training in Millennium Schools

The government will strengthen teacher training in Millennium Schools with the aim of improving quality in such institutions.

Ecuador’s government insists on the need of dialogue to reinstate peace in Venezuela

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno expressed Monday his concern about the situation Venezuela faces and insisted on the need of “constructive and democratic dialogue” that allows reinstating peace and stopping violent clashes.

Ecuador will promote the creation of 200 thousand jobs for young people by 2021

Ecuador will promote the creation of nearly 200 jobs for young people by 2021 and loans will be granted through the Technical Secretariat for the Youth, created Monday.

Ecuador to restore 2.600 health centers

During a meeting with town councils, President Lenin Moreno said he ordered “to stop building gigantic hospitals in cities. (…) we will especially focus on preparing, tidying up, and fitting health centers with cutting edge technology.”

Ecuador’s foreign minister signs agreements in Argentina

Ecuadorian foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa met Monday with her Argentinian counterpart Jorge Faurie with whom she signed three cooperation agreements at the San Martin Palace.

Ecuador will promote trade agreements with Asia, Middle East and Europe, says minister Pablo Campana

Minister of Foreign Trade Pablo Campana announced he will begin his trip to Asia, Middle East and Europe late August with the aim of promoting trade agreements and attracting investments to the country.

PAHO invites Ecuador to high-level meeting on health technologies

Ecuador’s minister of Health Veronica Espinosa will travel to Colombia to attend a high-level event to which he was invited by the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS) where a document for decision-making based on health technologies evaluation will be validated.

Ecuador’s economy goes through a period of recovery but needs dynamization: experts

Ecuadorian experts Victor Hugo Villacres and Marcelo Varela agree on the fact that the country’s economy is no longer in recession and faces is going through a period of recovery in which they said, it needed to be boosted with initiatives that allow overcoming development obstacles.

Ecuador expresses solidarity with Venezuela after Trump’s military threat

Ecuador reaffirmed Saturday its solidarity with Venezuela after U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats of military action against the South American country.