President Correa: e-money is managed by the State in order for the private sector not to turn it into a business

The chief of state affirmed that according to the government’s plan presented at the National Electoral Council (CNE) by the right-wing’s candidate Guillermo Lasso, their goal is not to eliminate e-money but for it to be managed by the private sector and turn it into a business.

President Correa inaugurated 13 schools in coastal provinces

During a ceremony, President Rafael Correa and authorities from the education and social development sectors inaugurated Monday 13 Special Schools of the twenty-first century in two coastal provinces which will help children and adolescents have access to free and quality education.

Ecuador's president plans to leave behind a stabilized and growing economy

President Rafael Correa highlighted Saturday that the country’s economy is recovering in spite of external difficulties that impacted exports with 10 billion dollars and the fiscal sector with a similar amount.

Transplants have tripled in Ecuador thanks to government’s investment

The Ecuadorian government has invested 16 billion dollars in these ten years of administration, it has inaugurated 19 new hospitals, restored 28 and inaugurated 101 health centers which have the same characteristics of a hospital.

Ecuador saved 300 million dollars thanks to multipurpose projects to prevent floods

Ecuador has saved nearly 300 million dollars avoiding losses and has saved hundreds of lives thanks to multipurpose projects, retaining walls and other works built by the government to prevent rain from causing floods and death.

Peruvian president highlights Ecuador’s “good example” in flood prevention

Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski affirmed Friday that the reconstruction of such country after the serious damages by rain should include prevention and highlighted Ecuador’s good example on this matter.

Ecuador’s social investment went from 4% to 8% of the GDP in ten years, according to Social Development Report

Coordinating minister of Social Development Gabriela Rosero presented Thursday the 2007-2017 report on Social Development, a document that contains relevant information on the public policy implemented in the social sector during the last decade.

Ecuador condemns violence in London and expresses solidarity with victims

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry expressed its solidarity with British people and government after a violent attack on Wednesday that left four dead and many injured.

President Correa ratifies that Ecuador’s foreign debt does not exceed 27% of the GDP

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa said Wednesday that the Ecuadorian foreign debt does not exceed 27% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) manuals and added that the amount is not close to the limit established by the Constitution.

President Rafael Correa warns of the right-wing’s plan to “privatize” citizen security

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President Rafael Correa highlighted the government’s achievements in public security in the last decade which has allowed ranking Ecuador among the safest countries in the region and warned of the right-wing’s plans to privatize this citizen right.

Ecuador ranks among countries with high human development: UN Human Development Index

Ecuador maintains a high human development level according to the last report published by the United Nations Organization in which the country ranks 89. Between 2010 and 2015, it moved 7 points ahead in the world ranking.

“Humanity does not need tall walls but longer bridges,” says Ecuadorian foreign minister at the UN

At the 72nd General Assembly of the UN, Ecuadorian foreign minister Guillaume Long said “humanity does not need tall walls but longer bridges,” on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

President Correa says the right-wing is preparing a plan to discredit candidate Lenin Moreno

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa said Monday that all honest pollsters show that the governing party’s candidate Lenin Moreno leads vote before the runoff election of April 2 and added that the right-wing is preparing a plan to try to discredit his victory because they are desperate.

Non-oil exports in Ecuador increased by 64% until January 2017

In January 2017, Ecuadorian non-oil exports accounted for 64% of the country’s total exports in dollars and 35% in tons, according to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

President Correa warns of the risks of FTAs for the national agricultural sector

President Rafael Correa warned Saturday of the risks of signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Ecuador, especially for the agricultural and fishing sectors, according to the right wing’s plans.

Senescyt invests $150M a year in scholarships for Ecuadorians

The National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt) invests 150 million dollars a year in scholarships for Ecuadorians to study in the world’s best universities and then return to their country to share their knowledge.

President Correa says presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso’s offshore companies must be investigated

President Rafael Correa affirmed banker and now presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso should be investigated for having tens of companies in tax havens, according to information published by Argentinian newspaper “Pagina 12”.

President Correa affirms that Venezuelan Lilian Tintori was not admitted in strict respect for the law

President Rafael Correa affirmed Thursday that Venezuelan citizen Lilian Tintori was not admitted in Ecuador “in strict respect for our law”, after she was not allowed to enter the nation and had to return to Miami where she came from.

Rainy season in Ecuador leaves 14 dead

Dead victims in Ecuador due to the rainy season that affects the coastal areas amounts to 14, according to Susana Dueñas, head of the National Secretariat for Risk Management, during President Rafael Correa’s briefing in Guayaquil.

Lilian Tintori told immigration officials she came to Ecuador to carry out political activities

Ecuadorian vice minister of the Interior Diego Fuentes informed that Venezuelan activist Lilian Tintori was not admitted to the country because she told immigration officers that she came to carry out political activities along with presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, using a visitor visa.