The creation of four ‘mega-universities’ makes way for a change in Ecuador’s production matrix

This April, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, inspected the progress of the City of Knowledge Yachay projects. Photos: courtesy

Quito, June 3, Andes – With the creation of four ‘mega-universities,’ the government of President Rafael Correa seeks to turn the country’s production matrix around through the generation of internal knowledge and the improvement of education in forming Ecuador’s human capital.

The City of Knowledge Yachay, the University of the Arts, the University of Pedagogic Instruction and the Amazon Ikiam University specializing in Life Sciences are four ambitious projects taken on by the current government in area of higher education.

The City of Knowledge Yachay

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, considered this to be the most important project of the Citizens’ Revolution, as his political campaign is known. Yachay is being constructed on 4,479 hectares in Urcuquí County in the Imbabura Province (Ecuador’s northern Andean region).

This institution is a is a space that plans to implement and link the first scientific and technological research university with public and private research institutes, the transfer of technology, high-technology companies and Ecuador’s agro-industrial and agricultural community.

The first inhabitants of Yachay to enter the university will be 200 students from the academic adjustment course. Yachay has an estimated budget of about $400 million based on its investment plan.

The Amazon Ikiam University

The goal of Ikiam is to generate knowledge, research and information to develop technological alternatives that can be responsibly applied to the region’s natural resources.

The university headquarters will be located in the Muyuna Municipality, near the city of Tena in the Napo Province (Amazon region); however it will extend throughout the region in order to promote the natural resources and be able to become an international referent for environmental conservation and for the rational use of resources. The Regional Amazon University will have undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as a junior college with basic education and high school programs.

University of Pedagogic Instruction

The first class to complete their studies at the National University of Pedagogic Instruction will graduate in the second half of 2017. The university will stretch 47 hectares throughout the city of Azogues in Cañar Province (southern Andean region). This institute will train new preparatory and high school teachers and will have a school with the capacity for 800 students divided into two sessions.

The construction for this university, located in the Juan Loyola Municipality (Azogues) is expected to finish in two years and has a total investment of $400 million.

The University of the Arts

The University of the Arts seeks to become a hub of creation and artistic inception. The first two majors will be Film and Audiovisual Studies and Intercultural Literary Arts. Its headquarters will be located in Guayaquil.

Construction of this university will have an approximate investment of $200 million and it is expected to open with 200 students by the end of this year. By the year 2026, when it is at full capacity, it expects to have 2,000 students.

With the creation of these four universities, Ecuador seeks to be among the top centers for scientific research and for the generation of knowledge on a regional level.


This efforts will have to be developeped a long time ago in Ecuador. We have the natural laboratories in biological, geomorphological, antropological, marine and physical sciences. The only regret is why we didn't upgrade existing universities or/and intitutes and institutions with capabilities, instead of going from zero...

<p>QUE BIEN</p>

<p>Hace mas o menos seis meses envie un proyecto acompañado de mi CV a la Universidad de las Artes. &nbsp;Soy Chilena graduada en&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Chile y Alemania, vivo actualmente en USA. &nbsp;Lamentablemente no he recibido respuesta confirmando el recibo de mi documentacion. &nbsp;Les agradeceria sobremanera una confirmation al respecto.</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Atentamente</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Dr. Lucia Diaz Lopez</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;"><br /></span></p>

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