Lenín Moreno urges on Ecuadorians to read and not fall into the trap of consumerism

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno inaugurated in Ibarra, province of Imbabura, the National Plan for Book and Reading Promotion.

Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival exceeded our expectations, says president Correa

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa highlighted Saturday the success of the first edition of Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival (FIAVL) from November 17 to 27 to which more than 27.000 attended without taking into account people who watched performances on streets, parks and squares.

Ecuadorian presidency will celebrate the 207th anniversary of the first Cry for Independence with cultural events

The 207th anniversary of the first Cry for Independence is celebrated on August 10 and the Presidency will participate in the celebration of this historic date with the “Eugenio Espejo” national awards ceremony, dramatized tours, lightning up of the Carondelet government palace, mapping, fireworks and an artisan citizen fair.

Freedom is part of the Bill on Culture, says minister Raúl Vallejo

Three main ideas are part of the Bill on Culture being analyzed at the National Assembly: creative freedom, above all else; freedom of choice, above all principles; and freedom of access to cultural goods and services.

“A culture law is important, it is an unpaid debt,” Ecuadorian minister of Culture says

Ana Rodriguez, minister of Culture (in charge), said it is “important” to implement a Culture Law currently debated at the National Assembly which has been an unpaid debt in the country.

Guayasamin, the Ecuadorian painter who portrayed Latin American peoples' suffering

He had a unique sensitivity to capture the suffering of oppressed classes, the feelings of the poor, sadness from streets, mother’s sensitivity, love, passion, life and death. His work reflects the indigenous roots of Latin American peoples, their feelings, struggles and dreams.

Using yellow underwear, walking around the block, effigies and widows, Ecuadorian traditions on New Year’s Eve

On December 31st afternoon and night, Ecuadorians celebrate some deep-rooted traditions; one of them is making effigies that represent the best and worst of the year. These are burned at midnight to receive the new year.

Peru teen aims to revive Quechua, one pop song at a time

Renata Flores Rivera has teenage cuteness, a velvety voice and a mission: to revive the Quechua language with songs like "Chaynatam ruwanki cuyanaita" -- better known as "The Way You Make Me Feel."

Latin America and Asia ministers gathering in Costa Rica

Foreign ministers and their deputies from several dozen countries in Latin America and East Asia are gathering in Costa Rica to discuss a broad agenda of economic and cultural initiatives.

President Correa inaugurates mega-project Ecological Guayaquil to restore Green areas

For decades they have lived overcrowded, without basic services, with insecurity in the middle of an environment with high levels of contamination. Today, those populated areas located in the southeastern of the port city, left behind neglecting times they lived due to the lack of attention from local authorities and they are now beneficiaries of a government program that changed their lives forever.

UNESCO document emphasizes preservation practices implemented in the Galápagos

The handbook on “Best Practices” made by the UN’s Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) gathers many articles on preservation management implemented in the Galapagos Islands, declared World Heritage and located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian Coast, the Ministry of Environment informed.

World mayors sign pact to fight climate change

Mayors from around the world have signed a declaration with Pope Francis stating that man-made climate change is real and humanity has a moral imperative to take action.

Ecuador welcomes opening of Cuban and US embassies and urges end to embargo

The Ecuadorian government was pleased Tuesday with the decision of the Cuban and US governments to reopen their diplomatic missions in La Habana and Washington after 54 years of broken ties and urged to put an end to the US embargo against the Caribbean island.

INGENIOS code, a bill aimed at human talent

The importance of generating knowledge, promoting research and protecting copyright are the key elements of the Organic Code for Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation known as INGENIOS, the first law created by many social members under the method of “wiki legislation” which is being debated in the Ecuadorian National Assembly for its approval.

Argentina Replaces Columbus Statue with Indigenous Heroine

Juana Azurduy was a South America guerrilla military leader and critical figure in the South American struggle for independence.

Disney gives sneak peek for planned China theme park

US entertainment giant Disney on Wednesday unveiled details of its planned theme park in Shanghai, promising Chinese features and new attractions not found in its five other resorts.
The Walt Disney Co. and Chinese Partner Shanghai Shendi Group broke ground on the $5.5 billion park in April 2011. The opening was originally planned for this year, but Disney has pushed it back to 2016.

President Correa says Pope Francis’ visit means a “wind of fresh air” for Ecuador

President Rafael Correa indicated Wednesday that having a Latin American pope for the first time in history means “a turning point in the Catholic Church” which will make it pay more attention to the third world. During an evaluation after the pope’s visit to this South American country, he explained that many of his messages are already being put into practice in Ecuador.

Pope Francis breaks protocol again, blesses worshippers and invites them to the second open-air mass in Ecuador

After a long day that included a mass before thousands of worshippers in Guayaquil and the encounter with President Rafael Correa in the Carondelet palace, Pope Francis said goodbye with an invitation to his followers from the Nunciature, located in northern Quito.

The Carondelet palace is decorated with flags and Ecuadorian roses for Pope Francis’ visit

The Carondelet government palace has been decorated with national and Vatican flags and 128,000 Ecuadorian roses for the encounter of Pope Francis with President Rafael Correa on Monday, according to the schedule planned for the country.

Pope Francis will arrive in Guayaquil to celebrate first open-air mass in Ecuador

Pope Francis arrived Monday to the port city of Guayaquil, the most populated in the country where he will stay for about seven hours. The Pontiff went to the Divina Misericordia sanctuary, where 2,042 people await for a private encounter. After this, he will go the Samanes Park to celebrate the first open-air mass to be celebrated in Ecuador.