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Ecuadorian President alerts about new forms of coups in Latin America

The president recalled the attempted coups against late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez (2002), against Evo Morales (2006), against Manuel Zelaya (2009), Fernando Lugo (2012) and against his own administration in 2010, on September 30th.

30-S: Teleamazonas, between irresponsibility and a coup

Teleamazonas 30-S

It is striking that the TV station had been able to set up their microwave signal within police facilities at a time when police mood was at its hottest.

Media organizations linked to Miami entities are part of a coup network

Jeremy Bigwood

Research conducted by U.S. journalist Jeremy Bigwood reveal that the U.S. government intervened in several coups perpetrated in several Latin American countries, including the attempt in Ecuador.