Bulubulu floods control system will benefit more than 38,000 inhabitants in Cañar, Ecuador

President Rafael Correa will inaugurate this work the following weeks. Photo: Flickr Ministry of Strategic Sectors

Quito, April 2 (Andes).- Works in the Bulubulu floods control system, in the province of Cañar, are finished and more than 38,000 inhabitants can benefit from it because it prevents floods and allows to irrigate about 2,000 hectares of crops, this is what authorities from strategic sectors of the country stated.

In an interview last Tuesday, Rafael Poveda, minister of strategic sectors, alongside Wlater Solís, secretary of Water, and Carlos Bernal, manager at the Public Company of Water, confirmed that the new system prevents floods caused by winter time and the Bulubulu river flooding.

Previously, rains affected inhabitants of La Troncal (province of Cañar) and El Triunfo (province of Guayas). The national government invested 55 million dollars.

In order to regulate the riverbed of Bulubulu, the work has a component called “by.product Las Maravillas” which protects areas such as El Triunfo, Taura, Boliche and Virgen de Fatima from floods.

This water project also has a concrete wall which protects communities located in Cochancay. It varies from 7 to 13 meters height; it is 2,800 meter long and controls the left side of the Bulubulu River.

During their visit, State ministers confirmed that these works were finished and that it benefits the community, since it prevents crops, home, road infrastructure destruction as well as the pumping station La Troncal of the new oil pipeline Pascuales, Cuenca, built by Petroecuador.

“These work guarantees security for thousands of families, we protect road infrastructure and services. We also added new hectares in the agricultute production,” minister Poveda commented.

This great water construction will be inaugurated by the president, Rafael Correa the following weeks.