Court of Environmental Justice is at breaking point: Ecuadorian minister of Environment

Quito, Nov 30 (Andes) – At the climate conference being held in Paris, the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa suggested the creation of an international court of environmental justice to sanction crimes against nature.

During an interview with Andes, minister of environment Daniel Ortega Pacheco said it consists of a proposal that is consistent with the Andean country’s foreign policy and requires a binding agreement.

“Environmental justice requires a legally binding agreement as part of the results (at the conference) in Paris in order for such agreements to be respected and monitored, it also needs an agency where countries can go to and clarify controversies or clarify actions,” the minister explained.

Such tribunal will allow countries to meet commitments in the best way possible under the framework of the UN Climate Change and agreements met in Paris, he added.

On the other hand, the Ecuadorian minister regretted the fact that countries who did not sign the Kyoto protocol are determining the result and capacity of the legal force of agreements being negotiated in Paris.

He highlighted that Ecuador is committed with a solution to the problem of global warming, since it is also affected by it and emphasized the government’s public policies to contribute in mitigation.

On this matter, he mentioned the change in the energy structure which will allow the Andean country to have 90% of renewable energy by 2017 and the induction cooking program (that will replace 3,500 gas stoves for induction.)

Besides the court of environmental justice, Ecuador proposes a declaration of nature’s rights, “a new global social agreement on the basis of life,” Minister Ortega indicated.

The conference in Paris will end on December 11th. Its goal is to meet an agreement that limits global warming to 2°C.

The Ecuadorian delegation is composed of president Correa, foreign minister Ricardo Patiño, minister of environment Daniel Ortega and Secretary of Science and Technology René Ramirez.