Ecuador to promote funding for development as president of G77+China

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Ecuador assumed the presidency of G77+China at the United Nations. Photo: Foreign Ministry

Guayaquil, Jan 18 (Andes).- Promoting funding for developing countries and raising awareness on the damage tax havens make are two specific goals Ecuador will work on after assuming the pro tempore presidency of G77+China in a ceremony held at the UN.

“Specific things can be done such as promoting funding for development, something G77+China has been already working on since this is one of the bottlenecks for developing countries and we can also work on the fight against tax havens,” the Ecuadorian president and head of the group said.

For Ecuador, becoming president of the group is one of the best international recognitions after the UN presidency for which ambassador Leopoldo Benitez was appointed in 1960.

However, despite the international situation in which Venezuela presides over the Non-Aligned Movement, the chief of state is not optimist about being able to change the current world order which he referred to as unfair and unmoral since everything is managed by the powerful.

During a talk with media in the port city of Guayaquil, Correa the awakening of some forces against tax havens and mentioned as an example the willingness of UN president Antonio Guterres and Germany’s stance.

“In Germany there is a great movement against tax havens. Forces are getting together against this pandemic of humanity, against this expression of anonymous capital exploitation, with no nation and no responsibilities,” the Ecuadorian head of state said.