Ecuador promotes its coffee exports in Russia


Moscow, March 16 (Andes).- During a videoconference before representatives of coffee importers, Ecuadorian ambassador in Russia Julio Cesar Prado presented the catalogue with a variety of beans produced in 22 of the 24 provinces of the country.

A day before, Prado held a meeting with coffee exporters in that country and 25 importers of Russia, consumer of 80% instant coffee in the world.

The South American country is the four largest instant coffee exporter to Russia, followed by Brazil, Germany and India, said the ambassador of the National Economic Committee of Cooperation with Latin America.

General Director of the National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin America Tatiana Mashkova, head of the commercial office of Pro Ecuador in Russia Andrey M. Karpov and manager at Anecafé Pablo Pinoargote attended the event.

Ecuadorian coffee producers talked about a bilateral agreement aimed at eliminating 10% of tariffs for the sale of this product in Russia.

Ecuador is one of the few nations in the world that exports all coffee varieties.

Coffee export destinations in the last five years were mainly Colombia, Germany, Poland, and Russia, explained Prado.

According to the Customs Office in Russia, Ecuador coffee imports from 2015 to 2016 increased by 219 percent its value, from 15 million to 48.9 million dollars, he said.

Karpov, Pro Ecuador representative in Moscow, said such growth is mainly due to the significant expansion of the Russian coffee market. Moreover, consumers nowadays are more demanding about a product’s quality, focusing on its origin first.

Coffee consumption in Russia is expanding among producers and exporters from across the globe including Ecuadorians that offer special coffee called “Champagne” which has scored 90.45 according to international standards of SCAA, said Pro Ecuador.