Ecuadorian government standardizes salaries benefitting 15.000 teachers of the public system

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Photo: File/Andes

Guayaquil, Feb 13 (Andes).- Starting this month, nearly 15,000 teachers will benefit from a salary increase once the government approved the standardization of salaries for teachers in the public system.

“We’re solving such injustice, we will standardize teachers’ salaries,” said the chief of state during his weekly address.

After apologizing for not approving this before, the president said this measure represents an investment of 56 million dollars.

The president announced that such salary increase which benefits teachers with bachelor’s degree and those who do not have one will be reflected on February.

Minister of Education Freddy Peñafiel said teachers with bachelor’s degree who earned 530 dollars will now get 817 dollars. Similarly, those who do not have a degree yet (technicians and high school graduates) will go from earning 430 to 675 dollars.

In Ecuador, according to data from the Ministry of Education, there are 150.000 teachers. The South American country’s constitution guarantees an investment of the 10% of the GDP in education and health.