Ecuadorian president flies to New York to assume presidency of the G77+China group

President Correa flew to New York on Thursday from Quito’s Mariscal Sucre airport. Photo: Presidency

Quito, Jan 13 (Andes).- President Rafael Correa flew Thursday to New York where he will attend the ceremony in which Ecuador will assume the pro tempore presidency of the G77+China and will meet the community of Ecuadorians living in that country.

G77+China is one of the most important groups of the United Nations and on Friday’s ceremony, Ecuador will assume the pro tempore presidency in the presence of 134 countries member, the 193 members of the UN and new secretary general of the international organization Antonio Guterres.

According to Correa, the fact that Ecuador assumed the presidency of this group is recognition to the country’s leadership and how it has contributed to processes executed in the region.

Ecuador’s goal as G77+China’s president is to fight for the eradication of tax havens since it has the support of many countries of the region.

“Ecuador has proposals and we will also continue with the proposals of the G77 in the hands of Thailand (…) we will insist on banning tax havens to prevent corruption, money laundering, tax evasion,” Correa said at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre airport before his trip.

Moreover, he indicated the country will work in the democratization of the United Nations in order for the Assembly to make decisions “not a group of privileged countries based on their power.” It will also promote environmental conservation, the coordination of tax policies worldwide, among other proposals.

The chief of state will also give interviews to international media and after the ceremony; he will have lunch with members of the group. He will then hold a bilateral meeting with the secretary of the United Nations whom he called “a great friend of mine and the country.”

At night, he will meet with the community of immigrants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in a cultural event where he will also inform about the country’s improvements in the last decade.

He is expected to return to the country on Saturday and once he arrives he will address the nation in his televised report from Rumiñahui county in the province of Pichincha.