Ecuador’s Assembly will analyze Friday prosecutor’s request to allow Vice President to stand trial

Quito, Aug 24 (Andes).-  Ecuador’s National Assembly will analyze Friday the National Court of Justice’s request to allow Vice President Jorge Glas to stand trial for corruption. Assembly members from different parities reacted to such request and for some; this is his opportunity to prove he is innocent.

The National Court of Justice’s request arrived Wednesday to the National Assembly and lawmakers will analyze it Friday, said President of the Assembly Jose Serrano.

Assembly member Veronica Arias said they will take into account which the judge’s reasons are and political considerations.

Arias said it was the vice president himself who asked assembly members of the governing party to allow such request in order for him to prove his innocence and present exculpatory evidence.

Arias said that illegal association is not a reason for impeachment and that, according to the Constitution, there are three crimes for which this occurs: crimes against humanity, against state’s security and against public administration (bribery, extortion, illicit enrichment and embezzlement.)

Assembly member from the governing party Jorge Yunda said it is necessary for the Assembly to respect the Judiciary and to clear up such accusations against Vice President Glas.

“It’s a great opportunity for the Vice president to defend himself, we will not be an obstacle,” said Yunda.

Lawmaker from the Social Cristiano party Poly Ugarte said the 63 assembly members from the opposition had already requested an impeachment which was denied and to have him stand trial and “resign if he is guilty,” said Ugarte.