Ecuador’s Electoral Council calls for referendum on tax havens

Referendum on tax havens to be held in Ecuador on February 19, 2017. Photo: Andes

Quito, Dec 23 (Andes).- Ecuador’s Electoral Council (CNE) called for a referendum on tax havens for February 19, 2017 after being proposed by president Rafael Correa.

This will be held simultaneously with elections for president, vice president, members of the National Assembly and members of the Andean Parliament.

All citizens older than 18 years old have the right and are obliged to vote as well as inmates older than 18 with no final judgement. Citizens between 16 and 18, older than 75 and citizens living abroad and registered can voluntarily vote.

Moreover, members of the Armed Forces and the National Police, people with disabilities, foreigners older than 16 legally living in the country for at least five years and registered can also vote.

Citizens must answer the following question:

“Do you agree that, in order to be popularly elected or become a state official, it should be banned to have assets or capital in tax havens?”

Therefore, in one-year period upon the announcement of definite results of the referendum, the National Assembly will reform the Organic Law on Public Service, the Democracy Code and other appropriate laws in order to adequate them to the decision made by the majority of Ecuadorians.

In this period, state officials who have capital or assets in tax havens must observe the popular mandate and their failure to comply with it will involve their removal from office.

Polling places will open from 07:00 to 17:00 and voters will have to carry their identification document or passport.

According to what is established, electoral propaganda for the referendum will begin on January 3 until Thursday, February 16 at 23:59, period in which CNE will be able to publicize and inform about the content of the referendum.

Meanwhile, no institution of the public sector will be allowed to propagandize, advertise or use their assets and resources for electoral purposes on the referendum. “Similarly, it is prohibited to make donations or gifts that induce voters in favor or against the referendum,” the official statement reads.

It adds that the National Electoral Council will calculate the maximum electoral spending complying with what is established by the Ecuadorian Constitution and the Organic Electoral Law and Political Organizations of the Republic of Ecuador and the Democracy Code.

In that order, it states that social and political organizations participating in the referendum, people responsible for their campaign economic management and its public authorized accountants must register in the Electoral Council on Friday 23 to Tuesday, December 27, 2016 since 08:30 to 17:00.

Moreover, it informed that the content of the referendum question will be shared through all media outlets ordered by the Ecuadorian electoral institution.