Ecuador’s Quilotoa Lake will now be fee-free

Photo: Ministry of Tourism

 Quito, Jan 13 (Andes).- Ecuadorian ministries of Tourism, Environment and the Interior, the Public Sector’s Real Estate Management Service (Inmobiliar), autonomous decentralized governments and Lago Verde Community Organiztion signed an agreement not to charge entrance fees and passes to Quilotoa lake, located in the province of Cotopaxi (Ecuador’s Andean center).

“The most important thing is that Ecuadorians and foreign tourists can enjoy landscapes as their right,” Fernando Alvarado, minister of Tourism said an added “we cannot charge people who want to see the natural landscape, what the community can do is offer services to tourists.”

The minister explained they have worked with the community for a year and continue to do it with all institutions involved to comply with agreements established and making it easy for the community to live on quality tourism with a sustainable management model.

Jorge Guamán, Cotopaxi’s Mayor, described the agreement as historic since it allows democratizing the country’s tourist places and strengthening the image of the province and each of its counties.

Guaman announced that among the short-term actions is the creation of a commission that will monitor and evaluate the process for the compliance of agreements.

The commission will be composed of the ministries of Tourism and Environment, Cotopaxi’s Governor and Mayor, Municipalities from Pujilí and Sigchos, autonomous decentralized governments from Zumbahua and Chugchilán and the community’s president.

Minerals found in the area turn it into a bluish green lake. Photo: Ministry of Tourism

Mario Andino, Sigchos Mayor, ratified the importance of Quilotoa Lake as a tourist place that has attracted tourists from the United States. Andino affirmed the place’s beauty should be promoted.

Authorities from nearby counties are expected to join the tourist network in order to achieve a comprehensive tourism development in Cotopaxi.

The agreement, signed with Lago Verde Quilotoa Community, aims at not only having tourists visit it daily but becoming a destination that offers quality services.

Quilotoa, a crater lake

Quilotoa is a crater lake. According to studies, it was formed by the collapse of the volcano which led to having a 9-kilometer-wide, water-filled caldera.

Minerals found in the place turn it into a bluish green lake. Moreover, spring water can be seen as bubbles coming to the surface.

According to an article published by Twistedsiffer in 2014, Quilotoa is among the world’s most beautiful 15 volcanic lakes because of its natural beauty.