Freedom is part of the Bill on Culture, says minister Raúl Vallejo

Quito, July 6 (Andes) – Three main ideas are part of the Bill on Culture being analyzed at the National Assembly: creative freedom, above all else; freedom of choice, above all principles; and freedom of access to cultural goods and services.

Minister of Culture Raul Vallejo talked about the bill during an interview in the TV program Ecuador No Para, broadcasted by El Ciudadano TV in coproduction with Andes Agency.

The minister, who took office on May 9 this year, expects the institutionalization of the culture system to settle after the approval of the bill.

“This bill tends to institutionalize the National System of Culture, to provide mechanisms for heritage protection, social memory, arts promotion and creation in general, artists and art system protection,” Vallejo explained.

“I’ve been part of the cultural world forever. As a writer, I’ve been engaged in literary, cultural activities but being head of the National System of Culture it obviously generates a special attention to artist creation and heritage and memory.”

Therefore, he said he expects the cultural world to feel they have one of them running the institution which seeks better promotion, strengthening, and institutional organization.

Vallejo, former minister of Education since 2007 to 2011, described culture in Ecuador, for being multicultural and multiethnic, as a space for diversity.


Minister Vallejo interviewed by TV host Marco Antonio Bravo. / Andes