Lilian Tintori told immigration officials she came to Ecuador to carry out political activities

Diego Fuentes, Ecuadorian vice minister of Interior. / Photo: courtesy

Quito, March 15 (Andes) – Ecuadorian vice minister of the Interior Diego Fuentes informed that Venezuelan activist Lilian Tintori was not admitted to the country because she told immigration officers that she came to carry out political activities along with presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, using a visitor visa.

Political activities are not allowed with such type of visa.

Vice minister Fuentes highlighted that the government has not violated the Venezuelan citizen’s rights and added that no foreigner can get involved in the country’s political issues.

Inadmissibility is the power the Ecuadorian state has to deny the entrance of a foreign person according to a certain action.
Fuentes said that Tintori needed another type of visa in order to carry out the activities she had planned.

Fuentes ratified that the Ecuadorian government guarantees the free mobility of foreigners and added that Tintori can use her visitor visa without violating the Law or the Constitution.

He recalled that when candidate Guillermo Lasso served as Guayas’ governor during the administration of Jamil Mahuad, he expelled Venezuelan citizen José Luis Cordeiro for apparently expressing his opinion against the then regime.

“We will not accept the fact that people refer to themselves as human rights defenders when they are not,” said Fuentes and highlighted that the government has enforced the law and immigration processes.

In a video, Lasso mentioned “few weeks ago, she and I agreed she would come to help us (his wife) with the campaign.”
The presidential candidate, former minister under the Mahuad administration, said Tintori being not admitted to the country represents a violation to human rights and violates the Law on Human Mobility, approved by the current government on January 2017.

However, the Law establishes guarantees for the political participation of foreigners (right to vote and be elected by people) “as long as they have legally lived in the country for at least five years.” It adds “people temporarily visiting Ecuador will not be allowed to get involved in the country’s political matter.”