Lilian Tintori was not admitted to Ecuador for her inability to prove immigration status

Photo: Andes

Quito, Marzo 15 (Andes) – Guillermo Lasso, presidential candidate from CREO party, admitted Wednesday that Lilian Tintori, Venezuelan activist Leopoldo Lopez’s wife and arrested in his country for causing violent clashes that left 43 dead, came to Ecuador to participate in political activities.

The Venezuelan activist arrived early today in Guayaquil’s airport from Miami aboard American Airlines but was stopped from entering by migration authorities for not justifying her immigration status.

The migration’s document supports her inadmissibility in section 5, article 137 of the Law on Human Mobility which states that a citizen cannot be admitted if he or she does not have visa in the cases required according to the Ecuadorian migration policy or does not justify his/her immigration status.”

Inadmissibility is the power the Ecuadorian state has to deny the entrance of a foreign person according to a certain action.

In a video, Lasso mentioned “few weeks ago, she and I agreed she would come to help us (his wife) with the campaign.”

The presidential candidate, former minister under the Mahuad administration, said Tintori being not admitted to the country represents a violation to human rights and violates the Law on Human Mobility, approved by the current government on January 2017.

However, the Law establishes guarantees for the political participation of foreigners (right to vote and be elected by people) “as long as they have legally lived in the country for at least five years.” It adds “people temporarily visiting Ecuador will not be allowed to get involved in the country’s political matter.”