Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival exceeded our expectations, says president Correa

Photo: Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture

Quito, Dec 5 (Andes).- Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa highlighted Saturday the success of the first edition of Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival (FIAVL) from November 17 to 27 to which more than 27.000 attended without taking into account people who watched performances on streets, parks and squares.

“The festival exceeded our expectations, theaters were full, streets filled with joy, Loja was beautiful and kind citizens welcomed tourists, young people came from different universities across the nation as well as foreigners,” the chief of state said during his 503rd weekly address.

The president also attended the festival and then spent the weekend in the city to enjoy the works presented in the restored Bolivar Theater and Loja’s recently inaugurated Benjamin Carrion Theater.

“Congratulations, it was a total success! See you in November 2017 in the second Artes Vivas Festival which we’re already organizing. Thank you all!” the president said added that the next edition will be a lot better and expects private companies to contribute to organizing the festival since public companies contributed the most this year.

Ecuadorian minister of Culture Raul Vallejo also said FIAVL was a great opportunity for national groups to participate. “We had 29 groups that represent 356 artists which is really important for our country because they were previously selected from 140 groups. We had 54 performances and about 27.970 people attended.”

He added “this festival places Loja among the circuit of international festivals. One of the world’s most important groups attended the event including Odin, with an amazing work.”

The chief of state said he expects school trips for the end of the school year to be to attend FIAVL in the future. “They will forget about going to Punta Cana, Cartagena, to engage in culture. I’m amazed at young peoples’ thirst for culture,” he said.