Non-oil exports in Ecuador increased by 64% until January 2017

Ecuadorian products are increasingly being promoted in worldwide markets. Photo: Proecuador

Quito, March 20 (Andes).- In January 2017, Ecuadorian non-oil exports accounted for 64% of the country’s total exports in dollars and 35% in tons, according to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

“Ecuadorian non-oil exports reported an increase of 14.5% in FOB value and 14.2% in tons during January 2017 in comparison to the same period in 2016,” says a study conducted by the Institute of Export Promotion (PRO Ecuador).

According to Silvana Vallejo, Pro Ecuador CEO, these amounts could be considered a “record for the country” since export amounts since 2008 have been a maximum of 49% in dollars and 30% in tons.

Among export destinations which have reported a significant increase until January are: the European Union (28.2%), Vietnam (31.5%), Colombia (77.4%), Rusia (7.1%), China (184.7%), Chile (28.3%), Argentina (35.6%), Mexico (19.1%), Brazil (19.0%) and India (59.5%).

Concerning amounts, traditional exports accounted for 60% (590 million dollars and 731 thousand tons) and non-traditional by 40% (401 million dollars) and 218 thousand tons,” Vallejo informed.

In total, there are thirteen sectors that report growth in exported volume during January 2017: banana and plantain, aquiculture, fishing, cocoa, flowers and plants, agroindustry, metal, processed food, coffee, leather and footwear, personal and home care, handicrafts and tagua.