OAS congratulated the president-elect and Ecuadorians for their civic participation

Photo: Twitter OA S

Quito, April 4 (Andes).- On his Twitter account, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro congratulated Ecuador’s president-elect Lenin Moreno Garces and Ecuadorians for their civic participation on April 2.

Leonel Fernandez, head of the mission of the Organization of American States, said no irregularities were found in the election process and added there were no discrepancies between the analyzed results and the official data.”

Fernandez affirmed there were no “heap of irregularities or fraudulent activities that could alter results.”

He added that electoral authorities are in charge of determining irregularities according to evidence presented thus the observers’ mission cannot establish if there was fraud or not as claimed by the opposition.

The data analyzed by OAS observers was determined independently and for this reason they did not explain where the process was going to be conducted, or the electoral authority or any of the players of the process, explained the former Dominican president.

About accusations through media and social networks by followers of CREO party, the head of the mission requested them to file formal complaints through institutions and appropriate authorities transparently. He also affirmed that Ecuador’s CNE is the appropriate institution to present official results of the electoral process of April 2.

About the fact that former candidate Guillermo Lasso did not recognize official results, Fernandez said that the former candidate and his team filed a complaint on the electoral process to OAS mission.

“We told them that the current legal and institutional mechanism is established in Ecuador’s Democracy Code which states the right to challenge what he considers has violated the law,” he explained.

The OAS mission highlighted that security forces and delegates from both political organizations were present in almost all polling stations. They were given a copy of the voting acts once vote counting concluded.

Fernandez regretted the political use of exit polls published before closing polling stations since the great difference between results from different pollsters created doubt and led both candidates to declare themselves as winners before knowing the official results from CNE.