President Correa affirms that Venezuelan Lilian Tintori was not admitted in strict respect for the law

Photo: Twitter Ecuadorian Presidency

Quito, March 17 (Andes).- President Rafael Correa affirmed Thursday that Venezuelan citizen Lilian Tintori was not admitted in Ecuador “in strict respect for our law”, after she was not allowed to enter the nation and had to return to Miami where she came from.

“Technically, the lady has not been deported, she has not been admitted,” he said during a briefing in Machala, province of El Oro.

The president said that when she came to the country, Tintori clearly said she came to campaign and on this matter; the Organic Law on Mobility is “restricted” about political participation in its article 49.

He said that such article states that foreigners living in Ecuador will have the right to vote and be candidates as long as they have lived in the country for at least five years according to the Constitution and Law. Moreover, it adds that people temporarily visiting Ecuador cannot get involved in the country’s politics.

“This is a general norm for all countries, because of sovereignty,” he added.

“She said she came to do politics, that is not a justification to visit a country and she has not been admitted in strict respect for the law,” he added.

Correa referred to it as an insult to the country and urged Ecuadorians to reject such actions that interfere in national sovereignty.

He affirmed that the government has been coherent and recalled the time when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, tried to interfere the US elections and thus his access to internet was suspended “in respect to a country’s sovereignty.”