President Correa says the opposition would not call a Constituent Assembly because they fear having him as candidate

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President Rafael Correa during an interview in the city of Quevedo. Photo: Presidency

Guayaquil, March 10 (Andes).- President Rafael Correa said the opposition’s proposal  to call a Constituent Assembly, in case they won elections, is not viable because they risk having him as candidate and winning majority.

“In the non-consensual case (banker Guillermo) Lasso won elections, the least they will do is call a Constituent Assembly because they will have to plan the assembly members election, I can come as candidate, I will win the election and we would have majority in the Assembly and we would ratify the Constitution of 2008,” said the president Thursday night during an interview in the city of Quevedo.

The chief of state also said that with majority in the Assembly, they can all elections, thus shortening the president’s presidential period, a process that is validated by democratic mechanisms.

The head of state said he has had information of last polls and all show the governing party’s candidate Lenin Moreno would win with more than 15 points ahead of Lasso, who served as minister of Economy during the administration of Jamil Mahuad, accused of causing the worst financial crisis in Ecuador’s history.

On elections, the president also affirmed that his party will strictly monitor each one of the voting places to prevent fraud from the right-wing which he referred to as desperate.

He added that the opposition is so desperate that now they interview fugitives living in Miami with the help of private media outlets.

On this matter, he questioned candidate Lasso’s proposal to pardon those he considers as political persecuted and said such candidate would guarantee the impunity of a group of former officials and bankers accused by the Ecuadorian justice of different corruption crimes.