President of Ecuador alerts of "a conspiracy" and questions violence of opposition during protests

Quito, June 11 (Andes) -Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, warned on Wednesday that there was "a conspiracy in place," after violent opposition protests in Quito left at least three people injured; two policemen and a former minister.

Demonstrations were held to reject a legal proposal that establishes a new tax table for inheritance.


"It is clear that there is a conspiracy going on with the usual violence. The past will not come back! We are more!," the president said in his Twitter account, MashiRafael referring to the presidential elections of 2017.

Correa, who is in Brussels, Belgium, at the European Union-CELAC Summit, thanked the support shown by his political party and followers during three consecutive days of protests.

"Thanks to our people for the overwhelming support shown today.


Hasta la victoria siempre! "He wrote in another tweet.


Correa, who governed the country since January 2007, noted the role of opposition politicians behind the demonstrations.


"There are the usual. That's good,dynasties and the politicians of the past, "he wrote.


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