President of Ecuador will Start 2015 with State Visit to China

Quito, Dec 21 (Prensa Latina) President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, announced today that on January 6 and 7, he will be on a State visit to China, at the invitation of his peer in the Asian giant, Xi Jinping..

According to the Ecuadorian Executive in his usual work report on Saturday, his stay in Beijing was previously set for January 8, to attend the summit between China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), but Chinese authorities invited him to travel for a bilateral meeting.
The Chinese president has had the enormous courtesy of inviting us on a state visit, said Correa, who assured the relations between both their countries are so successful that other countries are asking for counseling on the issue.
After rejecting the opposing criticism against the credits given by the Asian nation, the President denied that Ecuador had mortgaged its economy and indicated the developing world has more than enough ideas, but needs financing.
On that issue, he remembered China is the main international financist, to the point that it even finances, the United States economy.
The amount of Chinese investments in Ecuador are about seven billion dollars and concentrates primarily in the hydroelectric, mining and oil sectors.
In his radio and TV speech this Saturday, Correa remembered that Ecuador will assume the pro-tempore presidency of Celac next January and pointed he will travel to Beijing from Belgium, where he will spend his Christmas holidays and New Years Eve with his Belgian spouse and his children.