President Moreno’s approval ratings at 70%

President Lenín Moreno led a cabinet meeting in the province of Pichincha. Photo: Secom

Quito, June 23 (Andes). – President Lenin Moreno affirmed Friday that his government’s approval ratings sit at 70% in his first month of administration. “This has been due to the fact that we have made some decisions, one of them is the national dialog,” said the chief of state during a cabinet meeting held in canton Rumiñahui in the Andean province of Pichincha.

“Such dialog will be a mechanism for us to understand ourselves, to listen to people and for them to make decisions too,” added the chief of state.

Different ministers are participating in the meeting and ministers of Education Fander Falconí; of Culture, Raul Perez Torres; Economy, Carlos de la Torre; Secretaries of Communication Alex Mora and Planning and Development Andres Mideiros are expected to have a press conference.

According to the National Communication Secretary, at the end of the meeting, the initiative to highlight historic figures of the country in institutions of the Executive body will be launched.