President Rafael Correa visited coastal towns where works are being built

President Rafael Correa during his arrival at Duran county. Photos: Fotos: César Muñoz/Andes

Guayaquil, March 9 (Andes).- President Rafael Correa visited different counties in the province of Guayas such as Duran, Naranjito and Milagro where works are being built.

Early in the morning, he visited Duran to lead the process for the legalization of 288 acres.

Once there, Correa gave a speech and congratulated women on their international day and recalled that such day also marks the “terrible anniversary of the bank crisis.”

“After the freezing bank deposits, anyone would have renounced a government that seizes money from people, but he didn’t, he accepted serving as minister and continued to work as banker too while negotiating citizens’ deposit certificates. And they renounced the government not because they rejected people’s exploitation, not because they rejected deposit seizures, not because they rejected criminal economic policies, but because the government decided to pay the foreign debt and these bankers had foreign debt,” Correa recalled.

While carrying out his activities, Correa witnessed the scarcity of inhabitants in these areas, located in irregular lands.

Correa visited a slum in Duran. Photo: César Muñoz/Andes

He regretted that thousands of families had to live in these sectors that have lacked basic services like water, electricity, sewage system for years because of land traffickers.

“I know how important it is to have your own land, for the first time housing deficit has begun to decrease, but there is still a lot to do. We’re happy about the legalization of their lands,” said the chief of state.

He added that these places could not be divided into lots because these are agricultural lands with no basic services and these are not suitable for houses.

“For example, these lands are prone to floods. It is important to know where to build homes since our cities have had a bad urban development which has many times been promoted by people’s need,” he explained.

Alexandra Arce, Duran’s Mayor, said these 288 acres have been refilled up to 40% and an agreement was reached with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquiculture and Fishing (MAGAP) for this Ministry to donate these areas.

“Part of these lands was owned by MAGAP, so we reached a donation agreement to proceed to the legalization process,” Arce commented.

A Millennium School is being built in Naranjito county. Photo: César Muñoz/Andes

Afterwards, the president went to Naranjito county where he saw the School’s construction progress.

Once there, the Ecuadorian president highlighted this work that will benefit children and adolescents in this county. “This School will have multipurpose rooms, a cafeteria, library, civic patio, sports fields for students and the community in general.”

After such visit, Correa headed to Milagro county where he also saw the construction progress in a Park, sewage system, and paving of roads.

As sewage system is being built in Milagro county and roads are also being paved. Photo: César Muñoz/Andes