Rainy season in Ecuador leaves 14 dead

Quito, March 16 (Andes).- Dead victims in Ecuador due to the rainy season that affects the coastal areas amounts to 14, according to Susana Dueñas, head of the National Secretariat for Risk Management, during President Rafael Correa’s briefing in Guayaquil.

The amount increased in the last hours after a person was found drowned in a river in the province of Manabí, one of the most affected, said Dueñas.

On this matter, the chief of state reaffirmed that the winter “is extremely strong” and there are provinces very hit like Manabí, the epicenter of magnitude 7.8 earthquake which left 671 dead and millions worth of losses.

The president said that more than 5.500 families were affected while damages are millionaire even when the government has prevented significant damages thanks to the construction of six multipurpose projects aimed at controlling floods and for irrigation.

“We have prevented the flooding of thousands of acres thanks to multipurpose projects,” he said and added that the government provides assistance in quake-affected areas.

Dueñas said that early alerts have been issued thanks to the ECU 911 integrated system and the rural population is being provided humanitarian assistance, especially women who had never received assistance before. On the other hand, she mentioned that damages are mainly in constructions in areas at risk.

“Mr. President, I think Ecuadorians will never be alone anymore, not even women in rural areas who had never received humanitarian assistance,” she added.

She noted that more than 350 isolated families receive humanitarian assistance and thanked minister of Health Veronica Espinosa for the work done by the medical brigade that offers its services to victims.