Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno launches National Dialogue

Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno launched the National Dialogue Plan which involves thematic panel sessions with different groups of society to promote approaches.

Ecuador’s Minister of Justice to promote fight to end violence against women

Ecuadorian minister of Justice Rosana Alvarado Carrion was interviewed by Ecuador No Para’s anchor Marco Antonio Bravo where she highlighted the progress made in the country to prevent violence against women; however, she thinks that the fight against it is still a pending task.

Former president Abdala Bucaram returns to Ecuador after avoiding legal matters for 20 years

After two judgments for embezzlement expired, former president Abdala Bucaram returned to Ecuador on Thursday night following twenty years of self-exile in Panama to escape from justice after being linked to corruption cases during his six-month administration.

Ecuador’s government to demand at least $200M compensation from Odebrecht

The Ecuadorian government estimates at about 200 million dollars the amount of compensation to be demanded from Odebrecht for damages derived from the corruption network revealed worldwide.

Ecuador’s deputy attorney denies the existence of immunity deal with Odebrecht

Ecuador’s deputy attorney Thania Moreno denied the existence of an immunity deal with directors of Brazilian company Odebrecht as El Comercio newspaper had affirmed the day before.

The Anti-Corruption Front is a sign that the Executive aims at fighting corruption: Minister of Justice

Ecuador’s minister of Justice Rosana Alvarado said Wednesday that the creation of an Anti-corruption Front is a sign that the Executive wants to fight this scourge, which is society’s responsibility along with political, social players and representatives from State.

Ecuador will use resources to boost production, says vice president Jorge Glas

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In the next four years, Ecuador will invest the greater amount of resources in production, said vice president Jorge Glas.

Ecuador looks for support from the UN to fight corruption

Ecuadorian foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa traveled Monday to New York to meet with Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres in order to get international cooperation to fight corruption.

Odebrecht case: President of the Assembly announces call for National Comptroller’s impeachment

Ecuador’s President of the assembly Jose Serrano Salgado, from the governing party, announced different actions they agreed to take after holding a meeting with directors of the institutions’ commissions on Odebrecht case.

Ecuadorian president announces the creation of a Front to fight corruption

During his first talk with national media, Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno announced the creation of a Front to Fight Corruption which is composed of members of the civil society and government.

Lenín Moreno is sworn in as President of Ecuador and vows to work for “all”

Lenín Moreno Garcés sworn in as president of Ecuadorians in a ceremony during which his predecessor Rafael Correa Delgado handed him over the presidential sash after ten years of leading the government of the Citizens’ Revolution.

Rafael Correa brought political and economic stability back to Ecuador after the storm

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Hilda Ocaña sadly recalls how painful the 90s were. Her family’s savings had been seized after the banking crisis of 1998 and two of her brothers had been left unemployed as a result of the crisis.

President Correa delivered his 523rd and last weekly address to the nation

President Rafael Correa’s weekly addresses, which began in January 20 2007, came to an end on Saturday May 20 in the city of Guayaquil.

China will maintain and strengthen cooperation with Ecuador during Lenin Moreno’s administration

The friendly relation and cooperation between China and Ecuador will remain during the administration of Lenin Moreno, said Director General of the Latin American and Caribbean Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhu Qingqiao.

OAS expects to work with Ecuador’s new government on the basis of agreements

Representative of the Organization of American States in Ecuador, Diego Abente Brun, said he is confident they will work with president-elect Lenin Moreno based on agreements.

Rafael Correa considered one of Latin America’s main leaders in Argentina

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa was conferred yesterday a Doctor Honoris Causa by the National University of Quilmes, few miles away from the city of Buenos Aires.

Foreign minister Guillaume Long highlights Ecuador’s international influence in the last decade

Ecuadorian foreign minister Guillaume Long highlighted the national sovereignty achieved in these ten years of the Citizens’ Revolution administration.

Foreign minister Guillaume Long highlights Ecuador’s international influece in the last decade

Ecuadorian foreign minister Guillaume Long highlighted the national sovereignty achieved in these ten years of the Citizens’ Revolution administration.

Manabi bid farewell to President Correa during the penultimate weekly address

Thousands of residents from the province of Manabi attended President Rafael Correa’s penultimate weekly report in Jaramijo, Manabi.

New Parliament officials elected in Ecuador

New president of the Ecuadorian National Assembly Jose Serrano, elected Sunday with 77 votes, said his role will be to emphasize “the citizenship of the legislative service” and added he will “do all it takes” for Ecuadorians and for his country.