Rainy season in Ecuador leaves 14 dead

Dead victims in Ecuador due to the rainy season that affects the coastal areas amounts to 14, according to Susana Dueñas, head of the National Secretariat for Risk Management, during President Rafael Correa’s briefing in Guayaquil.

Lilian Tintori told immigration officials she came to Ecuador to carry out political activities

Ecuadorian vice minister of the Interior Diego Fuentes informed that Venezuelan activist Lilian Tintori was not admitted to the country because she told immigration officers that she came to carry out political activities along with presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, using a visitor visa.

Lilian Tintori was not admitted to Ecuador for her inability to prove immigration status

Guillermo Lasso, presidential candidate from CREO party, admitted Wednesday that Lilian Tintori, Venezuelan activist Leopoldo Lopez’s wife and arrested in his country for causing violent clashes that left 43 dead, came to Ecuador to participate in political activities.

President Correa: Ecuadorians will sanction the responsible of the banking crisis on Election Day

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President Rafael Correa said Tuesday that the former minister of Economy during the administration of Jamil Mahuad, Guillermo Lasso, now presidential candidate, cannot say he was not involved in the bank crisis that obliged millions of Ecuadorians to migrate after their deposits were seized.

President Correa: Cutting taxes would only benefit the elites

The Ecuadorian right-wing’s pledge to eliminate 14 taxes in the country only benefits the elites “who want to save money” not the most vulnerable sectors for whom health and education will be privatized, said President Correa during the inauguration of a new Health Center in Chone, province of Manabí.

There are successful leftist governments like Uruguay and they compare us with Venezuela, says Correa

President Rafael Correa said Wednesday that political processes and the success of progressive governments in the region like in Uruguay, Bolivia or Ecuador cannot be compared with what has happened in Venezuela, a country divided by the right-wing’s attacks.

The right-wing’s strategy is to talk about fraud when defeated: President Correa

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa affirmed Friday that protests led by CREO party, of former banker Guillermo Lasso, about an alleged electoral fraud are old strategies of the right-wing to mitigate their disastrous defeats.

OAS observers offered recommendations for Ecuador’s runoff elections

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States in Ecuador (MOE/OEA) presented Wednesday a preliminary report on the development of elections in the country.

President Correa: “We will face a runoff and we will defeat them again on April 2”

President Rafael Correa said Wednesday that the governing party, Alianza PAIS, won first place in the elections on Sunday with candidates Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas and the majority of seats in the Legislative (between 74 and 75 assembly members), many representatives for the Andean Parliament and the endorsement of a referendum on tax havens.

National Electoral Council: “we have a clear trend and if it’s the case, a runoff would appear likely”

President of the National Electoral Council Juan Pablo Pozo announced Tuesday that once nearly 95% of the ballots were calculated after Sunday presidential election, there is a clear trend.

Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS exhorts political actors to be responsible and refrain from violence

Head of the Electoral Observation mission of the Organization of American States Leonel Fernandez urged upon political members to wait for final results and be responsible and prudent.

Ecuador’s Electoral Council: narrow margin does not allow determining whether there will be second round

Ecuador’s Electoral Council (CNE) informed Monday they cannot determine whether there will be a second round due to narrow margin between two candidates running for president.

President Correa: “We won the referendum. Thank you Ecuadorians!”

The referendum suggested by President Rafael Correa about banning state officials from having capital on tax havens was widely supported by voters.

Ecuador election: Lenín Moreno 42,9%, Guillermo Lasso, 27,7%

Exit polls results show that the governing party’s candidates Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas, for president and vice president respectively, got 42.9% which means there would not be runoff election.

The opposition is being advised by foreign experts to promote a smear campaign in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian right-wing party has used “all heavy artillery” to change the results of presidential elections to take place on Sunday 19 with candidate Lenin Moreno, from the governing party, ahead in polls.

President Correa reports a desperate opposition that tries to force a runoff election with scandals

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President Rafael Correa reported that in order to force a runoff election, Ecuador’s political opponents, along with the private press, will intensify their smear campaign few days before the election.

'Ecuadorian elites strove to maintain a corrupt system that would enrich them, before Correa took office'

Norwegian investigative reporter Eirik Vold presented his book “Ecuador en la mira,” which contains WikiLeaks revelations related to the Andean country which were not shared by local media.

Correa reports the grouping of economic, political and media forces to affect his government

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President Rafael Correa reaffirmed Tuesday his claim of the coming together of economic, political and media forces to destabilize his government and widely spread alleged corruption cases to harm his political organization before elections on February 19.

Ecuadorian president warns of smear campaign against the government

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa warned Friday of the beginning of a smear campaign against the government which is apparently organized and led from Miami by former fugitive bankers and former official prosecuted for corruption.

Ecuador’s elections are in the world’s eyes because of the future of progressive governments, says President Correa

Ecuador’s next February 19 elections are in the world’s eyes, especially because of the future of progressive governments in the region, President Rafael Correa said Thursday and added that the next elections can be a turning point to stop the extreme right-wing and for leftist governments to grow stronger.