President Correa proposes bill to institutionalize government transition processes

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa signed Friday a bill to institutionalize organized transition processes for the next Ecuadorian governments with the aim of maintaining the efficiency of the current administration.

Ecuador’s Correa and Moreno to hold transition meeting on Friday

The transition meeting between outgoing president Rafael Correa and president-elect Lenin Moreno will be held Friday at the Carondelet government palace, it will set the road map for transition in a unique event in Ecuador’s history with presidents of the same political party.

“We will leave a strong and optimist country”: Planning and Development Secretary

Sandra Naranjo, Planning and Development National Secretary (SENPLADES) highlighted the country’s gains during the ten years of administration under President Rafael Correa whose successor will be Lenin Moreno.

President Correa and president-elect Moreno met with the governing party’s new assembly members

President Rafael Correa and president-elect Lenin Moreno met Tuesday with the governing party’s new assembly members to choose the new authorities for the Assembly as well as members of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL).

President Correa inaugurated new judicial center in southern Quito

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa inaugurated Tuesday a new judicial center in southern Quito that has an investment of more than 10.6 million dollars to offer services to more than 2 million inhabitants of the capital. This work is part of the judicial reform promoted by the national government.

20th plenary session of Ibero-American ministers of Justice to be hold in Quito

The Conference of ministers of Justice of Ibero-American countries (COMJIB) will hold Monday their 20th Assembly at the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in northern Quito.

Ecuador’s president-elect ratifies campaign pledges and thanks Rafael Correa “for paving the way”

Ecuador’s president-elect Lenin Moreno thanked Saturday the outgoing president and leader of the Citizen’s Revolution, Rafael Correa “for paving the way,” and added “we will work even better.”

“It’s time to reach agreements to achieve great national goals”, says Ecuador’s president-elect

Ecuador’s president-elect Lenin Moreno affirmed Wednesday that it is time to reach agreements “to achieve great national goals,” after being ratified by the majority of voters in the recount of 1.2 million votes from the April 2 election.

Recount reaffirms Lenin Moreno’s election victory in Ecuador

Ecuador’s National Electoral Council ratified Tuesday in Quito Lenin Moreno’s victory in the runoff presidential election after recounting 1’275.450 votes of the 3.865 voting records challenged by Alianza CREO and Alianza PAIS parties without showing any significant change in the election results of April 2.

International observers to watch recount in Ecuador

Ten international observers of the electoral mission from UNASUR, UNIORE, OAS, A-web, among others, will participate tomorrow in the recount of more than 1.2 million votes as a request from CREO-SUMA and Alianza PAIS parties.

OAS Secretary General accepts election results in Ecuador

Secretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro ratified Wednesday he recognizes the presidential election results in Ecuador won by the governing party’s candidate Lenin Moreno and mentioned that accusations on alleged irregularities must be based on technical precision.

United Nations Secretary congratulated president-elect Lenin Moreno

Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres congratulated president-elect of Ecuador Lenin Moreno and wished him a successful administration.

President Correa is “very hopeful” about peace talks between ELN and the Colombian government

President Rafael Correa affirmed he is “very hopeful” about the ongoing negotiations between the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Colombian government and said that the previous agreement with FARC paved the way for this peace dialogue for which Ecuador is guarantor.

Lenín Moreno’s victory legitimized by irreversible results and the world’s recognition

A week after the elections were held in Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, president-elect, has been recognized by the world and his agenda focuses on preparatory meetings for the presidential transition, to create his team of ministers and a visit to quake-affected Manabí.

Vote counting concluded in Ecuador and parties will be notified of the results

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President of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Juan Pablo Pozo informed Sunday that vote counting has concluded and added that official results will be announced Monday.

Ecuador’s National Electoral Council willing to recount if there is evidence of irregularities

Ecuadorian president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Juan Pablo Pozo defended the technical work and transparency of the election held last April 2 which were won by the governing party’s candidates Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas.

Lenin Moreno’s victory put a stop to the right-wing’s argument about the end of the progressive cycle, says President Correa

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President Rafael Correa says Lenin Moreno’s election victory put a stop to the right-wing’s argument on the alleged end of the progressive cycle in the region using the concept of change.

The United States congratulates Lenin Moreno on his election victory

Through an official statement released by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. government congratulated Thursday Ecuador’s president-elect Lenin Moreno on his victory in the second-round presidential election last April 2.

Lenín Moreno showed his leadership abilities when he served as vice president

Moreno showed his leadership abilities as entrepreneur of the tourism sector, as vice president of Ecuador with successful social programs, and as presidential candidate.

International leaders congratulate Lenin Moreno on his victory

Presidents from Cuba, Raul Castro, Costa Rica’s Luis Guillermo Solis and Brazil’s Michel Temer congratulated Lenin Moreno on his victory during the presidential election held Sunday.