Citizens contribute to the creation of Health Code in Ecuador

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Adapting the regulation to advances in science and the new infrastructure built in the last decade and for it to meet the Constitution approved in 2008 encourages different people to participate in the creation of the new Health Code with contributions that will be included in the document to be analyzed by the National Assembly.

Ecuador went from chaos to decent services in the public health system

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The government’s program to restore the sector prioritized urban and rural areas neglected during decades by former governments that did not built one public hospital in the last 40 years in cities like Quito and Guayaquil, the most crowded in the country.

Ecuadorian government invested more than $5,840 bn in works for Guayaquil

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In the last decade, this port city has experienced a significant social and infrastructure development with a social inclusion approach after works done by the government of the Citizen Revolution, led by President Rafael Correa, which has invested 5,840 billion dollars since 2008.

Chimborazo Fauna Production Reserve is a magical place to get in touch with nature

Gazing at the vicuñas run freely in the field, looking how chuquiragua plants bloom in the white snow, bumping into an Andean fox or admiring the beauty of the Andean landscape painted with all rainbow colors… this is how walks to the Fauna Production Reserve in Chimborazo are like, a special place to connect with nature.

Posorja aims at becoming an international destination with the construction of a deep-water port

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The construction of a deep-water port is important news for Ecuador because it involves the country’s port development since this is a work with a 1,250 billion-dollar investment from Arab Emirates' DP World, a company recognized worldwide.

Citizen Revolution, 9 years of a process that regained Ecuadorians’ self-esteem

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Since 1996, Ecuador started going through political, economic and social instability periods. The governments of Abdala Bucaram, Jamil Mahuad and Lucio Gutierrez, who came to power with promises of change, created more uncertainties than certainties and succumbed before fulfilling their mandates before the unrest of the people increasingly impoverished by neo-liberal measures applied.

Dayuma Kento Millennium School, a model of comprehensive education in the Amazon

Schools where one teacher had to teach students from all levels, damaged infrastructure, no playgrounds and unventilated classrooms were the conditions under which children from rural areas in Joya de los Sachas, province of Orellana, had to study.

Ecuador inaugurates a multipurpose project in coastal province

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A work to avoid floods and droughts suffered by inhabitants in Chone, one of the main agricultural and livestock places in northern Manabi, has now become a reality with the inauguration of the multipurpose project Chone, postpone for more than four decades.

Dauvin, the biggest irrigation project in Ecuador

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The difficult times due to drought in summer will be son left in the past favoring thousands of farmers of the rural area in 11 counties of the Guayas and Los Rios provinces, where rice production and cattle raising is its main income source.

Singapore, the small country with no agriculture that opted for innovation, services and technology

With a territory of about 400 times smaller than the Ecuadorian, Singapore imports nearly all food consumed by its 5,5 million inhabitants and its economic dynamic is boosted due to knowledge development, strong State and public-private alliances.

Singapore shows Latin America its social, environmental and urban development achievements

50 years ago, Singapore was a British colony strategically taken for being a connection point between India and China and during the last decades – after its independence – it has become a model for its urban planning, sustainable use of scarce natural resources, its industrialization process and for its recent financial and services center.

Yachay, the Ecuadorian city where knowledge economy is being built

A technological and interconnected city where Ecuador’s future is designed, where students start innovative projects and scientists study native fauna, where farmers create new varieties of vegetables and children have a space for cultural purposes… this is Yachay, the city of knowledge being built in Urcuquí, province of Imbabura, northern Ecuador.

Cotopaxi’s activity alters inhabitants’ daily life

A grey and dense cloud covers El Caspi neighborhood, located in the Cotopaxi’s surroundings, in the Highlands. Streets are empty, homes abandoned and ash covers rooves, floors, clothes and even the skin of chickens, cows and dogs. Few people remain there hoping to save their properties and protect their animals.

Medicine, one of the pillars of the Central University of Ecuador

On November 16, 2014, 1,100 students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Central del Ecuador (UCE) took the National Examination for Professional Practice. 92.2% of them passed, confirming that this University is one of the best in the field of medicine.

Ecuadorian Army remembers ther heroic battle of the Cenepa

This Monday 20 years of the conflict are remembered, the country came out victorious, however, thirty-three Ecuadorian soldiers lost their lives in this conflict.

Ecuador farmers benefit from fertilizers distributed in agricultural centers

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Producers remember how they once were victims of speculation on prices of inputs and they are now in cantonal agricultural centers at the lowest prices in the market.

Millenium Communities in Ecuador, a space where poor people live with dignity

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This is the Community Millennium Tablada Sanchez, located in the Santa Rita parrioquia in Chone. This area is inhabited by 81 families in the rural area, the Ecuadorian government relocated to make way for the construction of Multi Chone megaproject, which will provide drinking water and irrigation and flood control in this vast manabita sector.

The Gaza Strip, beyond the ruins (EXCLUSIVE)

The afternoon rolls in, the neighbourhoodin the Gaza Strip from where you can see Israel has a bleak outlook: there is not a single house or building without damage, after the 50 day war with Israel that ended on August 26th. Children come running out of what looks like ruins to greet the foreigners who are there.

The history of the cemetery built by religious intolerance in Guayaquil

200 meters away from the current Heritage Cemetery in Guayaquil- as it was demanded by the Catholic leadership of the era - in 1870 a cemetery was built to bury those who did not profess that religion. Currently the place, little known to Guayaquil, looks very sloppy, but does not lose its appeal.

Vanessa, a symbol of struggle against Femicide in Ecuador

Vanessa Landinez is one of the many names that evoke stories of violence against women by their womanhood and has become a flag of Ecuador struggle against femicide and impunity.