Ecuadorian institutions join a national crusade against sexual assault

Ministries of Education and Justice and the Judiciary, District Attorney’s Office, Secretariat for Political Management and Aampetra Commission joined the “zero tolerance national crusade” which suggests actions to offer a solution to sexual assault cases reported in the last months in schools across the country.

Ecuador presents plan to strengthen intercultural and bilingual education

Ecuador’s government presented Wednesday a plan to strengthen intercultural and bilingual education which focuses on different aspects of the national education system, informed the Ministry of Education.

Ecuador’s Anti-Corruption Front submits recommendations to President Lenin Moreno

Ecuador’s Anti-Corruption Front submitted a final document with recommendations to President Lenin Moreno after five years of work during which they met with different sectors. The document includes recommendations on regulations and policies.

The world commemorates International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and calls on dignity and solidarity

About 800 million people from the world are living in extreme poverty, situation that not only affects the life and wellbeing of these people but it also helds up the development of societies. In Ecuador, poverty eradication is one of the main mottos of President Lenin Moreno.

Ecuador to promote digital education aimed at ‘knowledge society’

Ecuador’s Ministry of Education and Fundación Telefónica Ecuador signed an interinstitutional agreement with the aim of experimenting with technological-educational models in the classroom, applied in the use of technological equipment, digital tools and resources part of the ‘Auto Digital Movil’ project.

China and Ecuador sign cooperation agreements for non-refundable grant of more than $100m

The governments of China and Ecuador signed Wednesday three cooperation agreements for more than 100 non-refundable million dollars, informed foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa.

Ecuador launches campaign to promote Ambato’s beauty, culture and gastronomy

'Ambato en noviembre, lo segundo a mitad de precio' (Ambato in November, get the second product/service half the price) is the name of the campaign promoted by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism which invites national and foreign tourists to visit this city on the occasion of its 197th independence anniversary.

Strengthening higher education, one of the Ecuadorian government’s most important task

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno ratified Wednesday before directors of public and private universities of the country that one of the government’s most important task will be to strengthen higher education.

Ecuadorian government invested $1.6bn in reconstruction of quake-affected provinces

Ecuadorian Technical Secretary for Reconstruction in areas hit by the 2016 quake, Carlos Bernal, informed Wednesday that the government has invested 1.6 billion dollars in the reconstruction of Manabí and Esmeraldas to date.

Chinese companies interested in donating technology to strengthen Ecuador’s security system

Cooperation in terms of security between China and Ecuador has been deepened with the provision of cutting-edge technology to strengthen the Andean country’s security system, informed minister of the Interior Cesar Navas during a visit he paid to China.

Development Bank of Latin America committed to continue working for Ecuador’s development

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno met Tuesday with Luis Carranza, CEO of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), with whom he talked about the working relationship and the institution’s cooperation as well as the government’s new priorities to provide assistance to citizens.

National Planning Council to approve Plan for Good Living created with citizens’ ideas

With 11.000 ideas from local and virtual forums the 2017-2021 National Plan for Good Living was enriched and will be handed in to the National Planning Council that meets in Quito for the revision and approval of the instrument that will pave the way for the government of President Lenin Moreno.

Ecuador to strengthen engineering labs with Japanese technology

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The Ecuadorian Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Miduvi) signed Monday an agreement with ten universities and polytechnic schools to strengthen technical labs with an equipment donation from Japan.

Ecuador is classified by WHO for its quality of medical teams for emergency and disasters

Ecuador became the sixth country to be classified for the work done by Emergency Medical Teams after the World Health Organization’ in situ verification.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls First Job Fair for immigrants who returned to the country

The first Job Fair for the Ecuadorian Community of Immigrants who have returned to their country takes place Thursday with the aim of facilitating this group’s labor inclusivity.

Ecuador’s Yachay University will be the center of innovation

About 1.010 students began their first day at Yachay Tech University which is the center of the City of Knowledge where students and teachers from 22 countries build Ecuador’s future from their classrooms and research labs.

Tsunami warning lifted in the Galapgos Islands

Since six in the morning, residents in the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador, returned home after evacuating early Friday as a preventive measure following a tsunami warning triggered by magnitude 8.2 earthquake in Mexico.

Inclusive education, the Ecuadorian govenrment’s new challenge

With the aim of raising quality standards and access to rights, the government will strengthen inclusive education for which a protocol is developed for the inclusion of people with disabilities that allows the application of this public policy by 2020.

Neighborhood-based family doctor program to offer healthcare to Ecuador’s vulnerable groups

Julio Melo, Santa Elena resident, referred to the “Neighborhood-based family doctor” program, officially launched by President Lenin Moreno on Wednesday, as one of the best healthcare projects in the last years.

The neighborhood-based family doctor program is a strategy that will revolutionize health, says Lenin Moreno

President Lenin Moreno affirmed Wednesday that the “Neighborhood-based family doctor” program will revolutionize health in Ecuador because it will focus on prevention and it will ease the country’s healthcare system.