Ecuador is the most amphibian-diverse country and the Ministry of Environment aims at protecting them

Ecuador’s amphibian fauna is the world’s third most diverse with nearly 579 species from which 241 are endemic. Such natural wealth turns the country into the most diverse in terms of amphibians, therefore its investigation and conservation is a priority.

Tren Crucero nominated for “South America’s Leading Luxury Train”

For fourth year in a row, Tren Crucero has been nominated to the World Travel Awards (WTA) in the category “South America’s Leading Luxury Train.”

President Correa affirms that scholarship holders are Ecuador’s most important resource

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa met Monday with scholarship holders who have returned to the country whom he had a lunch with at the Carondelet government palace and described as Ecuador’s most important resource.

People with 75% disability voted from home thanks to Electoral Council program

The National Electoral Council (CNE) implemented Friday its program aimed at elderly people with 75% disability so they can exercise their right to vote from their home.

Ecuadorian government inaugurated four health centers in four provinces of the country

The Ecuadorian government simultaneously inaugurated Thursday four health centers in four provinces: one in Bucay (Guayas), one in La Maná (Cotopaxi), another in El Pangui (Zamora Chinchipe) and one in Portovelo (El Oro).

President Correa inaugurated 13 schools in coastal provinces

During a ceremony, President Rafael Correa and authorities from the education and social development sectors inaugurated Monday 13 Special Schools of the twenty-first century in two coastal provinces which will help children and adolescents have access to free and quality education.

Transplants have tripled in Ecuador thanks to government’s investment

The Ecuadorian government has invested 16 billion dollars in these ten years of administration, it has inaugurated 19 new hospitals, restored 28 and inaugurated 101 health centers which have the same characteristics of a hospital.

Ecuador’s social investment went from 4% to 8% of the GDP in ten years, according to Social Development Report

Coordinating minister of Social Development Gabriela Rosero presented Thursday the 2007-2017 report on Social Development, a document that contains relevant information on the public policy implemented in the social sector during the last decade.

Senescyt invests $150M a year in scholarships for Ecuadorians

The National Secretariat for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt) invests 150 million dollars a year in scholarships for Ecuadorians to study in the world’s best universities and then return to their country to share their knowledge.

Ecuadorian government closed two new shelters after quake-affected citizens were given a house

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The Ecuadorian government closed Thursday two shelters in the province of Manabi where hundreds of families affected by the earthquake of April 2016 lived. These families now have houses in urban complexes built as part of the Reconstruction Plan.

Ecuadorian government standardizes salaries benefitting 15.000 teachers of the public system

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Starting this month, nearly 15,000 teachers will benefit from a salary increase once the government approved the standardization of salaries for teachers in the public system.

Ecuadorian government marks milestone with inauguration of 16 schools in three provinces

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The Ecuadorian government marked Tuesday a milestone in the development of public education by simultaneously inaugurating 16 schools that benefit more than 8.000 students, especially in rural areas in the provinces of Manabi, Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas.

Ecuador’s indigenous social security system now has 11 new health centers

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and director of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) Richard Espinosa inaugurated Thursday 11 new health centers for the Ecuadorian indigenous social security system with an investment that exceeds nine million dollars and benefits more than 115 thousand people in seven provinces of the country.

Ecuador has invested $60.6 bn in Social Development in the last decade

Social investment in Ecuador exceeded 60.6 billion dollars in the last ten years which has led to greater access to health, education, housing and cash transfers. Only in the health sector, 52 hospitals and 67 health centers have been built and restored.

Ecuadorian government inaugurated five health centers that benefit rural areas

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Indigenous communities and rural towns of the country’s central area benefit from the operation of five new public health centers inaugurated Thursday by President Rafael Correa who said his administration has invested 16 billion dollars in the last decade to guarantee the right to health.

Ecuador’s Quilotoa Lake will now be fee-free

Ecuadorian ministries of Tourism, Environment and the Interior, the Public Sector’s Real Estate Management Service (Inmobiliar), autonomous decentralized governments and Lago Verde Community Organiztion signed an agreement not to charge entrance fees and passes to Quilotoa lake, located in the province of Cotopaxi (Ecuador’s Andean center).

Ecuadorian Ministry of Health adopts measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases during the rainy season

Ecuador’s Ministry of Public Health takes preventive actions to protect the population from viral and infectious diseases that are common during the rainy season including flu and also zika, dengue and chikungunya, transmitted by the bite of the aedes aegipty mosquito.

Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival was a “complete success”, says president Correa

President Rafael Correa described Loja’s Artes Vivas Festival (FIAVL) which took place between November 17 and 27, as a “complete success”. The festival gathered more than 31.261 people who attended the different events organized in theaters, squares and parks of the city in the south of the country.

Ecuador’s cloud forest among the best places to visit

The could forest of Quito’s Metropolitan District (DMQ) has been included on the list of the 21 best places in the world to visit in 2017, after being chosen by National Geographic’s Traveler magazine.

Ecuador extends state of emergency in quake-affected areas for 30 days

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa signed Tuesday night a decree in which it establishes that the state of emergency is extended for 30 days to favor reconstruction in quake-affected areas in the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas.