Ecuadorian government opens an artisan fishing port

The Jaramijó Artisan Fishing Port is located in Manabi.: @juanleonelmac

Guayaquil, Mar 12 (Andes).- After the opening of an artisan fishing port in Jaramijó, Manabí, handling seafood under unsanitary conditions, the lack of a technical dock and the lack of safety will be left in the past.

This port, which has an infrastructure suitable for fishing and trading activities, will be opened today by President Rafael Correa. He is fulfilling an activity agenda in Manabí, including the official opening of roadwork benefitting the northern area of the province.

The Jaramijó Artisan Fishing Port, built with a 22 million dollar investment, is the second of this type in the country. This is part of a government program to enable 27 ports in the coast area to allow fishermen to develop their activities under safe conditions. The first port to be opened was in June 2014 in Anconcito, Santa Elena.

The new infrastructure at Jaramijó will benefit 2,500 artisan fishermen and more than 10,000 people working in fishing and trading, Julio Alvarez, manager of Fishing Infrastructure in Ecuador (IPEEP) explained.

There are 700 boats in Jaramijó, most of them are small and 40 are supply ships.

Alvarez said that the port has three docks, one for supply ships, another one for unloading and one for fuel provision. There are also parking lots, processing plants, stores, an ice plant, a small market, bank agencies, and an access road.

Fishermen will also have different public institution offices to carry out procedures related with their activity. Some of them are the Under-Secretariats of Fishing resources, Ports, Sea and fluvial transport, National Office of Sea Spaces, National Bank, among others.

This port is also considered as a tourist attraction. “These ports benefit a productive sector which has been neglected; we are taken big steps in the production sector,” Alvarez stated.