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Chancellor denounces invasions of his email account and espionage by news agencies

Today, Ricardo Patiño complained that the letter written by Snowden was given to Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and it was published hours later by news agencies. “Efficient spies”, wrote Patiño this Tuesday, July 2.


Assange: Ecuador has no imprisoned journalists and is not involved in the murder of people

“Surely, the information that Mr. Snowden has pertains not only the United States, but all citizens of the world. Snowden is a hero; he told the citizens of the world and of the United States that there is massive tapping of their phone calls”, he stressed


Amnesty International never verified complaints about Ecuador, reveals the ex-president of that organization

Amnesty International doesn’t have offices in Ecuador. To elaborate its reports, it uses the reports provided by local organizations that have a clear position in opposition of President Rafael Correa’s government; therefore, they don’t have objectivity.

President of Ecuador: Reprimand was for tactlessness of the US Ambassador

President Rafael Correa punctuated that the reprimand toward the US Ambassador was for his tactlessness in participating in a political act, not for supporting freedom of speech.


Players from Esmeraldas and Guayas form more than half of the Ecuadorian team

In the last announcement of the Tricolor, of the 23 football players, only three were natives from the Imbabura province and were not starters. Six football players from the Esmeraldas province were selected.

Petroleum Activity is separated from Yasuní National Park by a buffer zone

Yasuní National Park, an invaluable zone and preserved for its botanical and cultural value, is isolated from the petroleum exploitation by a buffer zone, as shown on a map of petroleum blocks of Ecuador 2013.


Judicial proceedings begin against the news agency, La Hora, for manipulating information on an alleged massacre of indigenous peoples

On April 4th, La Hora newspaper published explicit photos showing dead indigenous people killed by spears. The event has not yet been verified.


The state promotes national sports despite obstacles from the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee

That is how the Minister of Sports put it, José Francisco Cevallos, who congratulated the Ecuadorian soccer team for making it to the top ten of the FIFA World Ranking and to the team of the Davis Cup who beat Chile in the American tennis series.


In 33 months, Ecuador has jumped 62 places in the FIFA World Ranking

After the victories against El Salvador and Paraguay and after the tie with Russia, Ecuador has placed as one of the ten best teams in the world. The team is ranked among the top ten, something that seemed unachievable two years ago.


Meetings with Pope Francis, the German Chancellor and Ecuadorian migrants are on the itinerary of the Ecuadorian President’s visit to Europe

Correa and Merkel will discuss environmental management issues as Germany has made great developments in projects and initiatives in clean energy technology and in environmental protection. They will also talk about the world’s economic situation, according to details provided by the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs.


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