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According to income, poverty has reduced by 10 points between 2006 and 2012

Including urban and rural areas, the rate of poverty in Ecuador was at 27.31% in December of 2012. That amount is 10.29% less than in December of 2006 when it was at 37.6%. These figures are a result of an analysis on development by the Ecuadorian Institute of Statistics and Census Data (INEC, Spanish acronym).

Achievements of the current Ecuadorian Government include free tuition to basic general education and academic improvement

The Ministry of Education launched the Alimentación Escolar program, the delivery of books and uniforms without cost to public establishments, while a system that favors admission by merit has been created in higher education.

Ecuador began the distribution abroad of 690 electoral packets

This Friday, the CNE distributed 451 electoral packets to Europe and Oceania, where the entity in in charge of the electoral process of Ecuador registered 191,964 voters. The total Ecuadorian voters outside Ecuador number 285,753.

High performance centers are in strategic zones in order to span all national territory

Investment in Ecuadorian athletics has allowed citizens to count on high quality infrastructure for their training in High Performance Training Centers.

Ecuador to support Cuba with the construction of homes in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, visited Santiago de Cuba this Sunday, where the government of the Andean country will support the reconstruction of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy with the issuance of roofs and homes that will be constructed beginning in January of next year.

National publicity and television programs in Ecuador show large percentages of discriminatory content

The investigation, “Equality and not discrimination. National Production and Publicity in Television,” brought forth by the People’s Defense, determined that the national publicity and programming of Ecuador in public broadcasting have large percentages of discriminatory content.

182 years after his death, Simón Bolívar’s spirit lives on in Latin America

On December 17, 1830, the South American liberator, Simón Bolívar, passed away at the age of 47 in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia, after losing a battle with tuberculosis.

Witnesses of the Quimsaloma case are threatened, states the Attorney General

The judicial hearing, in which Galo Lara is involved, legislator of the Patriotic Society Party, was suspended due to the absence of the legislator and several witnesses who are considered important in the triple murder.

President Rafael Correa to donate blood in promotion of the campaign initiated by the Ministry of Health

The Head of State, aware of how important it is to lead the way for Ecuadorians, will voluntarily donate is blood in a gesture that is surely to be immediately followed by thousands of volunteers.

Ecuadorian software companies receive a European certification of excellence

Twelve Ecuadorian software companies have begun their path towards excellence according to the European EFQM standard that measures business management, client satisfaction and market adaptability. Ecuadorian companies are now at the European level of excellence, 200+, in a scale that reaches up to 500+.


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