Creating jobs for young people and immigrants, a challenge in Ibero-America

Nowadays, there is a very strong intraregional migration, especially in South America, among countries and citizens of the region.
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It is estimated that one of every 7 people is an immigrant in the world which poses a challenge for governments to create labor alternatives and new jobs for young people in Ibero-America.

Quito, May 17 (Andes).- Concerns about the current labor migration in Ibero-America, following the deepening economic crisis in some countries of the region, were expressed during the Regional Meeting on Labor Mobility and Youth employment in Ecuador’s capital.

Guatemala’s minister of Labor, Aura Leticia Teleguario, said it is a priority for young people to have formal employment.

“Migration must be seen as a multidimensional problem and it should be addressed comprehensively not only as countries but also as a region,” she added.

Meanwhile, Regional Director of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Diego Beltran, said this is a crucial initiative because migration is an important topic globally and regionally.

He recalled that one of every seven people are on the move and added that “if we gathered all immigrants from the world, we would have one of the world's most populated countries.”

He affirmed that there is currently a very strong intraregional migration, especially in South America, among countries and citizens of the region, especially young people for which it is necessary to promote their regularization.

“They expect to contribute, to work, to become part of the country. On this matter, we suggest regularizing those immigrants to prevent secrecy, exploitation of those immigrants,” he said.

Jóvenes buscan empleos en Iberoamérica

He explained that the 2’500.000 temporary and permanent residencies granted since 2005 in the region “show the effort made by countries to integrate and welcome immigrants.”

Ecuador’s minister of Labor Raul Ledesma says actions have been taken to guarantee the rights of migrant workers, 400 companies were inspected and sanctions have been applied in some cases.

Ministro Ledesma en rueda de prensa con autoridades de OIM

About youth employment, he mentioned the existence of two programs aimed at young people aged between 18 and 29 and added that nearly 188.000 young people are unemployed.

The program called ‘Mi Primer Empleo’ (My First Job) promotes internships and the State will pay for the 100% investment made by the employer in that intern as long as he is hired idefinitely after concluding the internship. This will benefit 25.000 young people, according to Ledesma.

Meanwhile, a program called ‘Empleo Joven’ will benefit 60.000 young people. In this case, Ledesma affirmed that the State will pay 50% of the salary and 100% of the employer’s contribution for a year as long as such contract is signed for at least two years.



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