Ecuador and Australia look for business opportunities in the mining sector

Ecuadorian minister of Mines Javier Córdova.
Micaela Ayala V./Andes

Entrepreneurs, leaders and officials from both countries participated in a business Summit with the aim of sharing experiences on mining and closing deals that contribute to the country’s economy.

Quito, Nov 13 (Andes).- The first Australia-Ecuador Business Summit was held Monday in Quito’s Marriot Hotel with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs, leaders and officials from both countries for them to offer opportunities on mining and mining education to support the growing Ecuadorian industry.

The event, promoted by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, gathered 13 Australian mining companies, education institutions and officials from both governments who discussed about the contributions of the Australian mining industry and opportunities offered in Ecuador for new companies that want to settle in the country.

“The objective of the Summit is to promote the Australian mining model positioned as a real contribution for mining development in Ecuador. It gathers investors, mining providers and government representatives to show Australian mining experience and benefits for Ecuador,” said Marie Hill, commercial attaché of the Australian Trade Commission.

Ecuador’s minister of mining Javier Cordova participated in the event and was in charge of showing the work done by the government to promote competitiveness in this sector as well as promoting good mining practices that meet international standards.

“We’re working since 2014 on generating adequate conditions for investment, we obviously knew that Ecuador offered very good options in terms of geology; however, we wanted to be sure about how we were in terms of competitiveness, taxes and legal matters,” said Cordova.

He added that in the last years, Ecuador has built necessary infrastructure to guarantee investments in this sector. “More than 40 trillion dollars have been invested in strategic projects which offer an adequate investment environment to the sector,” he added.

For his part, Fernando Balart, marketing manager at the Australian Trade Commission, said “Australia is being promoted as a trustworthy partner and as a nation with aim of contributing to growth of the industry, technical training, communities management, service, technology and innovation.”

Australia has a mature industry and more than 200 years of experience. It has the world’s largest reserves of lead, nickel and zinc contributing more than 69 billion to its economy with current exports that also include exports of equipment, services and mining technologies.

This business event is part of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the mining industry, signed on December 14, 2015 between both countries to generate sustainable mining practices and share experiences.




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