International study recommends public policies to attract investments to Ecuador and Latin America


An appropriate legal framework, promoting dynamic competence and innovating benefits for users are some of the recommendations to attract investment, according to experts.

Quito, Nov 14 (Andes). – An international study conducted by TMT Intelligence OVUM recommended public policies to attract investments to Ecuador and Latin America

Sonia Agnese, Senior analyst for Latin America from OVUM, explained that in order to attract investments it is necessary to create an appropriate legal framework, promote dynamic competence and innovate benefits for users. “First it has to do with a stable and long-lasting regulatory framework that ensures foreign investment attraction without limits, this is key,” she told ANDES Agency.

Among recommendations to attract investment, she said, is the need to promote healthy markets through the promotion of competence, its constant monitoring and the use of measures of temporary asymmetric regulation given the existence of dominant operators or with power market.

In the case of Ecuador, she considered that the Moreno administration is very interested in connecting the country with the rest of the world with “open policies.” “There are great possibilities for Ecuador, it’s a country that has a lot to offer,” she added.

She explained that the study, conducted by her company, was aimed at identifying how to foster investment and security of profitability amid political changes in Latin America which is considered one of the factors that hinders investment attraction.

“We notice a high level in the adoption of new technologies which impacts absolutely everyone. We’re talking about the case of hydrocarbons; the inclusion of new technologies is important in terms of efficiency and it is necessary to be connected with the world,” she said during an event held at Quito’s Marriot Hotel.

Vice minister of Hydrocarbons Patricio Larrea highlighted the efforts made by the government. “We’ve defined policies aimed at attracting and promoting new investments that contribute to boosting the national economy and creating new jobs,” said Larrea.

Deputy Minister of telecommunications Alberto Jacome participated in the event as well as Executive Director at the Telecommunications Control Agency (ARCOTE), Washington Carrillo, and Executive Director of the Telecommunications Companies (ASETEL) Jorge Cevallos.



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