“Former president Correa should come to Ecuador,” says Lenin Moreno

“There is separation of powers in Ecuador,” said the chief of state.
Photo: Twitter Presidency

The head of state made clear that the national government does not interfere with the legal action against Correa.

Quito, July 6 (Andes).- Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said Thursday that former president Rafael Correa (2007-2017) should come to Ecuador to face the legal process he has been included in for an alleged 2012 kidnap of former lawmaker Fernando Balda.

“Sometimes I wish he was declared innocent,” he said in a talk with international reporters.

The head of state made clear that the national government does not interfere with the legal action against Correa.

“There is separation of powers in Ecuador. Under no circumstance is there a possibility for the Executive to give orders to law enforcement bodies or judge a person or institution,” he said referring to the pre-trial detention ordered for Correa.

President Moreno was firm to say that he does not know Judge Daniella Camacho, who ordered pre-trial detention for Correa last Tuesday for allegedly being involved in a kidnap of former lawmaker Fernando Balda in Colombia.

“We now have an independent Justice: Mr. Correa must be sure that such Justice is autonomous and independent, he shouldn’t be afraid to come to Ecuador, this is his country and he has to face justice,” he added.

Presidente Moreno en conversatorio con medios de comunicación extranjeras

President Lenín Moreno held a talk with representatives from foreign media outlets. Photo: Twitter Presidency

He affirmed that he has no interest in having his predecessor arrested by Interpol after an Ecuadorian court requested his detention with extradition purposes.

About remarks made by Correa saying that his situation is part of a political and media complot, President Moreno said “truth upholds itself.”

“About the claim that he is a political prisoner, Chapo Guzman can say the same thing. Ecuadorians know that it is not true, we know that many things have occurred under the administration of the former president and the only thing we want is for truth and justice to prevail,” he affirmed.

Finally, the Ecuadorian president referred to Correa’s remarks about his disability as “despicable” and added that Correa’s “bitterness” leads him to act in a “pathological” way.



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