Ecuador and Colombia to hold binational cabinet and analyze border security

13 de Febrero de 2018 - 16:16
Meetings between Ecuador and Colombia.
Photo: Foreign Ministry/Twitter

Quito, Feb 14 (Andes).- Ecuadorian foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa and her Colombian counterpart Maria Angela Holguin and Defense authorities from both countries will preside a meeting on security and defense to take place in Colombia on February 14 and 15, according to the Ministry of Defense.

According to the source, the meeting on security will be presided over by foreign ministers Espinosa and Holguin as well as by heads of Defense Ministries from Ecuador, Patricio Zambrano and Colombia’s Luis Carlos Villegas and Ecuadorian Minister of the Interior Cesar Navas.

The parties will analyze “the results in the execution of the 2016 Binational Annual Operation Plan and the establishment of mechanisms that will guarantee the exchange of information, operation coordination and evaluation of actions against threats and risk factors in the common border,” said the Ecuadorian Ministry of Defense.

They will also discuss the government’s commitments with security in the common border as well as the strengthening of instruments of mutual trust.

It adds that the sixth presidential meeting and binational cabinet will take place on the 15th. Leaders will verify the compliance of bilateral commitments and will agree on new joint programs of interest in terms of economy, trade, border matters, environment, social and culture.

In 2012, Ecuador and Colombia institutionalized presidential meetings and binational cabinets.

Ministry of the Interior/EFE/yp


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