Lenín Moreno reiterates that dialogue is a condition of his government

12 de Julio de 2018 - 13:13
President Lenín Moreno inaugurated a road in the province of Azuay.
Photo: Secom

President Moreno reiterated that he received accounts that were in a difficult condition, “they still are,” but that they are tackling the situation with responsibility, transparency and honesty.

Quito, July 12 (Andes) .-  Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno reiterated Thursday that dialogue is his government’s main instrument during the inauguration of the Cuenca-Azogues-Biblian road, which will benefit more than 490.000 people.

“Dialogue has become a condition of my government which allows moving forward under better conditions than when criteria was imposed,” he said in his speech before thousands of citizens.

He reiterated that he received accounts that were in a difficult condition, “they still are,” but the situation is being tackled with responsibility, transparency and honesty. “That’s what we are supposed to do,” he reiterated.

He affirmed that it is necessary to talk to citizens in order to prevent situations like that of schools built by the previous administration which were too big, with good labs but far from communities.

He added that huge hospitals that are not functional because its administration is difficult were built. Therefore, community clinics located close to farmers have been fitted with restored equipment.

These actions, he said, are included in the Toda una Vida plan which establishes the State’s responsibility to citizens throughout their lives.

However, he added that there is still a lot to be done and that this will not be an action of this but future governments too.

He recalled the social work done by the Manuela Espejo mission when he was Ecuador’s vice president (2007-2012) which allowed restoring the rights of persons with disabilities and recovering their dignity.

He indicated that this road, inaugurated on July 12, will contribute to reducing car accidents in the country and recalled that Cuenca’s tramway is expected to become operational in February next year.

This type of works, he mentioned, also translates into better living standards for Ecuadorians “mainly for the most poor.”



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